While I’ve Been Away

This is my first post for quite some time. Why the absence you may ask? Well life’s been very hectic since January for various reasons. I’m currently caring for 2 family members, 1 officially, 1 unofficially as they haven’t yet been diagnosed. I’ve still got 3 kids who are very demanding, 1 of which is being assessed for autism. I also don’t have an internet connection at home anymore, I couldn’t afford it so until I pay my ISP the money I owe I have to use my phone for all online activities (which is hard going for blog posts).

There is some better news, I got married in August, to the father of my two youngest children 🙂 So I’m now Mrs Darkestangel lol

I’ve been following the news when I can, keeping updated on the welfare reforms and the cuts in general, as well as locally.

While I’m able I’ll attempt to post but it might be a bit hit and miss. I still have to post that reply from my MP about welfare reform.

Well, the kids are calling, its time to put them to bed. I’ll be back soon…


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  1. Welcome back and congratulations! We all understand how hard it can be and sometimes have to take time away also. 😉

  2. Darkestangel, post put on blog about your letter to DWP as well in 2011

    Good letter to the DWP, who also sent me a standard letter, not answering my points either.
    Many people in work are struggling as well, simply because work does not pay enough for basic living expenses or to support a family. Millions on low pay are subsidised with tax credits. Many millions in the developed world are out of work, and those in poorer countries living on 2$ per day or less are desperate to get to so called richer countries. My solution is radical. The government is already £ 1 trillion (1000 billion) in debt, and this is forecast to rise to £1.5 trillion by 2015. Economic growth is never going to be enough to erase the deficit, never mind reduce the overall total of public debt. The debt based money system (where the banks create most of our money by issuing a loan) is unsustainable, and the government cannot borrow at the same rate either. Economic growth on the present model is usually accompanied by yet more private and public debt.
    We must issue debt free money, to be spent into the economy, and the decisions about the amount will be free from political influence, so as to cause inflation or deflation. The debt free money will gradually replace the debt money so the need for the government to borrow is reduced. This means less spending cuts, less austerity, and lower taxation for the working poor and those on low incomes. This reduces the power that the banking system has over us now, which is to get the private sector and public sector into ever increasing debt.
    We must recognise that we live in a very automated age, and this is going to continue, so many jobs have been automated away. New jobs for example in IT have arrived to replace some of the lost manufacturing jobs, but not enough. More wealth has flowed upwards to fewer hands because of automation, creating greater wealth inequality. Therefore we need to share the available work around so we all work only 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week to reflect the progress of technology. The cost of living essentials like housing, energy and food has to come down to reflect this new reality, so someone can easily survive by working 20 hours per week. In fact we need a more sustainable, local lifestyle, where less unnecessary “stuff” is produced, because oil and other fossil fuels are getting increasingly expensive. Then more people are earning their own keep, tax is lower, we do not have millions unemployed, whilst those in work pay ever increasing taxes to support more people out of work and an ageing population. The increased leisure time for all makes it easier for people to look after children and elderly relatives. At the moment, with the present system, we are peeing into the wind, but change is already being forced upon us. In the late 1970s, there were 1 million people of working age on benefits for a population of about 50 million. I predicted then there would be 1 million more every decade since because of automation. I was proved correct, as we now have more than 5 million of working age on benefits, not just because of automation, but large scale immigration and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to lower cost areas like China. There is a better future for us all, if we all fight for it. Unfortunately, the present establishment and politicians cannot see the correct way forward, or are bribed, or badly advised. Look at a site like http://www.positivemoney.org.uk to see how the money system can be reformed, to get less debt in society, and to improve the lives of everyone in society. We can carry on our present course, and things will only get more difficult, public services and benefits will be cut further and more people will become poorer. Or we can change in the way I have described so we are all better off.
    Thank you for reading this. Simon Davies

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