My Reply to Marcus Jones MP: Welfare Reform Bill

Dear Mr Jones,

I received your letter today regarding the Welfare Reform Bill that is currently being passed between the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Your response failed to explained anything I haven’t already read on the DWP website or from listening to interviews from Iain Duncan Smith. You failed to address the majority of the points I raised in my previous letter and as a result I am extremely disappointed.

In case you have forgotten what my original concerns were I shall list them below.

  1. Monthly payments of ALL benefits
  2. CSA charges at the point of access and charges on every single payment thereafter
  3. Abolition of the social fund and non ring fenced funding given to local authorities
  4. The Benefit Cap which will cause hardship for those in and out of work on benefits
  5. Changes to the way council tax benefit is paid
  6. Disabled children not being allowed to build up NI contributions to entitle them to an independent income in adulthood
  7. Halving the tax credit payments to parents of disabled children who only qualify for the lower rate of DLA
  8. In-work conditionality
  9. Lack of clarity regarding help with child care
  10. Sanctions
  11. Unpaid work experience and The Work Programme in general
  12. The rhetoric being used that has resulted in increased disability hate crime, suicides and personally, I have regular nightmares that myself and my children are going to find ourselves homeless.

I would appreciate it if you would answer my concerns with some detailed explanation which I haven’t already heard from Iain Duncan Smith or the DWP website.

Yours Sincerely

Loraine Hardy.


I wonder how long it will take for him to reply to me this time……


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