Marcus Jones MP Opposes #spartacusreport

I wrote to my MP about the Spartacus Report. I sent him a PDF of the report so there was no confusion. I received a reply the same day saying he would contact DWP about the issue and today a letter came through my letterbox. To say its disappointing is an understatement. To say I’m angry is not even close.

“Dear Ms Hardy

RE: Reform of Disability Living Allowance

Thank you for contacting me about the reform of Disability Living Allowance and the ‘Responsible Reform’ report.

I very much believe that the Government should support the most vulnerable in our society and help disabled people lead dignified and fulfilling lives.

However, I think it should be acknowledged that Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is an outdated benefit that has not been reformed since its introduction. The vast majority of people receive this benefit for life without any checks to see if their condition has improved or worsened.

As a result of this, hundreds of millions of pounds have been overpaid while other people have not been getting the support they need. This is why the Government is replacing DLA with the Personal Independence Payment and introducing a new face-to-face assessment and regular reviews, to make sure support is going to those who need it most.

With regard to the points raised about the Government’s consultation, I can tell you that the Department for Work & Pensions received over 5,500 responses to the DLA consultation – from both organisations and individuals. The ‘ Responsible Reform’ report looked at a sample of 500 responses from organisations only. In light of this fact, the figures that have been quoted do not match up to the figures that were generated by the consultation itself.

I am assured that the Government continues to work closely with disabled people and disability organisations on the introduction of the Personal Independence Payment and consults them on a range of issues. Indeed as a result of their representations, I am informed that the Government has made significant changes to the assessment criteria and announced that it would not remove DLA from people living in care homes.

Should you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Yours Sincerely

Marcus Jones MP”

There you have it. The Tory MP response.

His email address is
Just in case you wanted to send him something.

Please also leave a comment below.


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  1. ……Quote “The vast majority of people receive this benefit for life without any checks to see if their condition has improved or worsened.” …….

    UTTER BOLLOCKS. Ive been on DLA for 7 yrs and have been reassessed THREE times in that period. I know MANY people who have also been reassessed repeatedly to ensure they are getting the help they need. These Cretins make me so mad with the way they insist on misleading the general public about how EASY it is to get DLA. Its dam near impossible these days! I was lucky, I got mine when I was still working – I needed help with travel costs and seating/desk at work. Having been out of work now for 6 yrs Ive been reassessed to ensure my needs are met.
    Ive given up writing my my local MP (also a conservative) as he has yet to actually answer my letters as Ive written them and on 2 occasions has ASSUMED I am an OAP simply because I was asking about Cold Weather payments and benefits. Apparently the word DISABLED must have been blacked out on his copy of the letters I sent him as he has never once acknowledge me as such.

  2. Standard Tory party line. It’s a disgrace but is not surprising. The Tories have clearly briefed their MP’s on what to say to people so they don’t have to bother thinking for themselves.

    Send him an email with a link to the analysis in my blogpost about Motability cars – he cannot be allowed to get away with his vagueness when you’re able to explain in detail how damaging the reforms will be, quoting chapter and verse from DWP documents. Challenge him to demonstrate that the analysis is incorrect and ask him if he thinks that someone with an amputated leg who has problems with their stump and who’s other leg is weak (cast study 7) should be ineligible for the enhanced mobility component and access to the Motability scheme.

    I believe we need to demonstrate that we’re up to speed with the detail and able to do the kind of forensic analysis that most MP’s are, frankly, too lazy to attempt and which the DWP, with all its civil servants, seems unable to undertake.

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