The Reply to my “Dear Lord of DWP Darkness” Letter


The following was received by myself today via email.

As you will notice it appears to be a standard letter and does absolutely nothing to answer any of the questions I asked in my original letter.

Honestly, I expected nothing less from this government. It is much the same as the reply I was sent last year. Extremely insulting to completely ignore all the questions raised, all the concerns, and to reply with a standard letter with information I already have!


Website: E-mail Ministers at:

Ministerial Correspondence Team, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NA

Ms Loraine Tebbett

Our Ref: TO/11/46748

21 December 2011

Dear Ms Tebbett

Thank you for your recent correspondence. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to respond personally on every occasion. As your correspondence falls within the remit of this Department, I have been asked to respond.

The Government is looking at a wide variety of issues relating to benefits and pensions. Ministers believe that reform is needed in a number of areas. The current Welfare Reform Bill and the new Pensions Act include proposals for major reforms and represent the biggest changes to the welfare system for over 60 years. The Welfare Reform Bill is continuing its progress through Parliament.

Worklessness and benefit dependency are bad for benefit recipients, bad for communities and bad for society. The Coalition Agreement made a promise that this Government would encourage a strong, fair, responsible society that supports and protects the poorest and most vulnerable and that respects the investment taxpayers make and spends the money wisely.

Universal Credit will be a fundamental reform of the benefits system with a single welfare payment that rewards people for moving into work. Existing means-tested benefits that will no longer be needed include income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Housing Benefit. There will be a new single taper of around 65 per cent; this is the rate at which benefit will be reduced to take account of net earnings. In addition different amounts of earnings will be disregarded before the taper applies to reflect the needs of different households. By allowing people to keep more of their benefit when they first go back to work, Universal Credit will ensure that getting a job will always pay.

Universal Credit will restore fairness and simplicity to an overly complex, outdated and expensive benefits system that often acts as a barrier in getting back to work. The clear financial incentive provided by Universal Credit will be backed up by a strong system of conditionality: unemployed people who can work will be required to take all reasonable steps to find and move into employment. It will find the right balance between the welfare state as a safety net and a benefits system that sends out a clear message: if you can work, you should work. By actively putting work at the centre of working-age support, the Government wants to create a new contract with the British people. The Department will help them to find work and make sure work pays when they do. They, in return, will be expected to seek work and take work when it is available. This contract is about the state and citizens in a responsible society working together to improve the quality of life for those who are worst off.

Ministers do welcome all views, and I would like to thank you for your comments. Should you wish to find out more about our proposed reforms, or about Government services, information can be found through the internet at

Yours sincerely

Goff Daft

Head of the Correspondence Team


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  1. what a pile of self-justifying waffle that ignored all of your excellent points and does nothing to ease the low level terror I genuinely feel about this coalition government. 😦

  2. My 7 year old son wrote a letter to The Queen last week, basically saying ‘Can you please ask the government to stop taking money from poor people as, otherwise, they won’t have any money?’ He is yet to hear back from one of her Ladies in Waiting. However, my point is that if a 7 year old feels moved enough (all of his own accord I might add) to write to the person whom he deems to be ‘in charge’, then surely it reflects the feeling of a large percentage of the population and more people should write letters such as yours to MP’s, DWP, The Queen, etc.

    Please may I copy some of your excellently worded letter, to put into one of my own and maybe make a template for others to send to those that I mention above?

    • Of course you can copy some of my letter 🙂 Your son sounds as sensible as my 13 year old daughter who says “are they trying to kill us off? No money means no food and no house!” We will continue to fight even if they win the vote tomorrow, this isnt over till this bill is history!

  3. I would question the reality of the name Goff Daft. Afterall ‘Daft’ means ‘Stupid; foolish; idiotic;’ and ‘Goff’ backwards is ‘fog’ – someone’s having a laugh.

    I am touched by your blog.

  4. I too have written to Mr Duncan Smith concerning benefit reform.
    My husband has just lost all of his incapacity benefit because apparently some over-paid civil servant understands his condition better than a cardiologist.
    I too have received the standard reply from Goff Daft.
    I have spent all of about two minutes trying to work out if it is an anagram of something else.
    Ihave concluded that you couldn’t make it up!
    Daft by name and daft by nature.
    We will keep on fighting

  5. Iain Duncan wacko Smith,
    A true Dark Lord of Ego. I have written to this bald piece of alien blood and had his Daft Goff crap flipped back. What is wrong with England is the Queen and all her fanny licking Nancy boys.
    Roll on Death! Totally fed up their silly ideology! And murderous ways, Blackmailed SCUMBAGS and I personally respect none of them.

  6. Just received a similar fob off letter ignoring my 2 page letter to him. I also wrote to Cameron and The Queen. Both forwarded my letter to IDS who in turn sent it to daft goff.

    This Government is seriously criminal.

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