Nuneaton Against The Cuts Strike Day #N30

Today saw up to 2 million public sector workers withdraw their labour in protest at the governments squeeze on their wages and unfair pension proposals. They were joined by hundreds of thousands of members of the public showing their support and solidarity. This wasn’t contained to just large cities, workers in Nuneaton were on strike too and people like me were out to support them.

Myself and my 12 year old daughter set off just after 7.30am today. We were armed with 2 containers of cakes and biscuits, a flask of coffee and some placards. It was cold so we both wrapped up warm and walked into town to deliver our treats to strikers in the area.

Our first picket was outside the Jobcentre. One PCS member with her dog very gratefully received a home made cup cake and a message of support from us both.

Then we made our way to the Town Hall where we were greeted by some lovely ladies picketing a side entrance who received a cake each also. The Town Hall had shut its doors

At the main entrance of the Town Hall we met still more pickets, all smiling and some of them had cakes too. They informed us that The Jail House Bistro was offering all strikers free toast and tea/coffee all day.

From there we walked to my daughter’s school but no one was picketing there so we made our way to the Justice Centre where pickets were receiving lots of support from members of the public tooting their car horns as they drove by. Cakes were handed out and it was a wonderful atmosphere.

We made our way back to the Town Hall where the number of pickets had multiplied and grabbed a coffee from our flask and started chatting to everyone there. It didn’t take long for alot more people to join and pretty soon there was quite a large crowd.

There was a picket at George Eliot hospital too


At 10.30am we all walked to the George Eliot statue for the rally.


Speakers were:

Tom Sidwell from Unison

Paul Reilly from RMT

Peter Playdon from Nuneaton Socialist Party

Sarah Chapman from NAPO

After the speeches we all marched through town to the Pig & Whistle pub where food had been provided.

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Myself and my daughter stayed until about 1pm and then went home after a wonderful day.

Today we spoke to an unemployed nurse who is surviving on Jobseekers Allowance. She’s struggling, scared her house might be repossessed and is desperate for work. She is a really nice lady and it was a pleasure to chat with her.

We also spoke to a man who used to work at the local pit. He remembers the miners strike and told my daughter all about it and the hardships and medical problems he’s suffered from since.

Everyone at the rally was united in the opinion that this government is rotten, corrupt and are only interested in looking after themselves. I heard no one object to going out on strike again, in fact there was alot of enthusiasm for the idea.


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