URGENT APPEAL! Save a disabled woman from homelessness!!


The donation target has been reached for this campaign.

Lorena Cleary is a mother of 2 gorgeous boys, ages 3years old and 5 years old. They’re names are Beckham and Pacey. I’m sure you will agree that they are adorable.

Lorena is bipolar and unable to work due to her illness. In this country she would be entitled to disability living allowance, housing benefit, council tax benefit and free health care. In America she is facing homlessness and the prospect of losing her children forever.

The background to the situation she faces is this:

Lorena is a survivor of domestic violence. During contact with their father one of the boys was bruised (picture on youtube video). Lorena, being a caring, loving mum, reported it to the authorities. Her children were taken off her and given to the state because their father used her disability as a weapon to say she was an unfit mother.

So why is she asking you to donate money to her? She’s in court on Monday for a custody hearing. As a result of her lack of funds she is being threatened with eviction, her utilities being turned off and being placed in a hostel. She won’t stand a chance of getting custody with no home, no utilities, she won’t even get home visits. All because she reported suspected abuse and has a disability.

So, she’s asking for people to donate a little money to help her.

She only needs $400 to keep her home this month and her utilities on.

Before you start screaming that this is a fake, it’s a fraud etc. It’s been thoroughly checked and this is a legitimate cause, she really is in trouble and needs your help, fast.

You can donate via a UK charity that deals with disability inequality called Creative Cafe. This is a safe, quick way to help.

She’s not asking for alot, whatever you can spare, however small will all help.

Thankyou for taking the time to read.



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