Maternity Services ‘Under Review” In Nuneaton

From BBC Website

Review of George Eliot hospital paediatric unit

George Eliot hospital sign

Concerns have been raised about the hospital’s future, if the services are moved

The future of children’s and maternity services at a Warwickshire hospital is under review, a health trust has said.

The Arden Cluster Trust, which oversees Nuneaton’s George Eliot hospital, said a business case would be ready soon and a consultation was planned.

Services could be moved to Coventry under the plan but one county councillor claims patients have been told nothing.

Councillor Barry Longdon believes there is no reason to move the services.

Mr Longdon is concerned about the impact moving the services would have on the hospital’s future.

‘Highest quality’

“The people affected by this are the users and they knew nothing about it until I spoke up about it,” he said.

“I haven’t got any assurance about what the process is going to be. The whole issue for me is not whether or not it’s going to go, the issue is it’s not broken, why fix it?”

Martin Lee, of the trust, confirmed that “options are being looked at”.

“There’s been a lot of co-operation and close working between the University Hospital in Coventry and George Eliot hospital, particularly around paediatrics, for quite a few years, and particularly around consultants providing care for the new born,” he said.

In a statement, the trust said: “The Arden Cluster is committed to buying and developing services of the highest quality and safety for the people of North Warwickshire .

“Options for the long term future of children’s and maternity services are currently being considered with the full involvement of doctor and nurses.”

“No decision has yet been taken on the way forward and the Arden Cluster does not have a preferred option. A business case containing the outcome of an options appraisal exercise will be ready by the end October and we will be much clearer about how services might best be delivered at that time.”

The trust will be consulting the options from December, so that residents of North Warwickshire can comment on the proposals.


This is the hospital where I had my first child almost 13 years ago. The hospital that cared for her when she was born and looked after me, an unconfident, scared young mum of 20. They have cared for several of my friends children, including premature babies, babies with serious problems and they save the lives of babies every year. Now the service is in danger of being moved to Coventry.

When I lived in Huddersfield, where I had my 3rd child, the maternity service was shared between 2 hospitals. For a routine birth you could book a place at the local hospital. I kid you not, you had to book it! For anything else you had to go to the hospital in Halifax. Women were having their babies on the bypass in rush hour traffic because they couldn’t make it in time, women had their babies in health clinics on the journey and very sadly, some babies didn’t survive being transfered to Halifax. I had a home birth because I didn’t want to take the journey along that bypass.

This isn’t what we want in Nuneaton. We need to fight to keep our services! We need to fight for our hospital!


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