Manchester For The Alternative – Another Gherkin Report

We didn’t take the train today, we were driven to Manchester in a hired mini bus, kindly given to us for the day by Terry’s boss (thank you Brian) and we were one child short. 3 year old TJ played at his nannys today (that’s my mum, not a paid for nanny lol). So it was me, Terry, Marijane and little Layla.


We almost didn’t make it, Terry was late picking us up. We got out of the mini bus at 12.45pm and raced towards the demo. We joined the education feeder march and started marching.


Layla was given her whistle that we got from the NUT stall at Birmingham For The Alternative and blew the life out of it.

Picture 029

I must apologise again to the man who’s eye I almost poked out with my placard. I’m really sorry. He was very nice about it. There was a sound system and of course Layla had a little dance in her pushchair. She only complained about the noise when it was right next to her, but she was still smiling.

We held our banner proudly.


That’s Marijane on the left and Terry in the hat on the right (you can see why Layla likes her whistle, takes after daddy)

At several points during the march some Tories reared their ugly heads and received a unanimous reception of boos and insults (Layla even joined in with the shouting)

296280_10150858074855122_554785121_21565676_2144833981_n 307655_10150858075150122_554785121_21565681_1543237036_n

Picture 017 Picture 019

As we neared the conference venue it was apparent that security was tight.

Picture 030 Picture 043

Picture 040

I spent about 15 minutes explaining the reasons why to Marijane. I was very glad the horses went away. They are huge! You really can’t appreciate how big they are untill you see one close up. We actually passed them in the mini bus before we parked and I was looking them in the eye from my seat!

Now, I’m not sure what the following photos are of, Terry took them while I was on pushchair duty, outside the conference venue.

Picture 033 Picture 037

Picture 036 Picture 034

Obviously the next ones are of a helicopter that circled overhead all day.

307671_10150858082360122_554785121_21565751_1722076982_n Picture 048

Around the corner from the conference venue there was a rally with speeches. Unfortunately we missed alot of them but it was great to see a massive field full of people. It was marvelous when a train went past behind us and honked at the whole field. Everyone cheered.

On that field I met one of my twitter friends, Eleanor, who is a member of DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts). She is a fantastic lady and I hope we meet up again soon.

After the speeches we decided to head off and eventually, after me and Marijane losing Terry and Layla, we set off home. (Thankyou to facebook and an amazing taxi driver for helping us find each other, the police very kindly sent us in the wrong direction to the actual car park we asked for)

This was a different protest, it had the same aims, but it was bigger, much bigger, and there was a much more varied kind of protester.  The kids enjoyed every minute of it.

The proudest moment of the day was when Layla started shouting “Tory Scum!” with her daddy.

Angriest moment of the day was seeing the smug look on those tories faces when they walked past.

Funniest moment of the day was when we were walking back to the mini bus and a very brave lone tory was walking towards us. Me and Marijane waved our placards at him and he scurried off.

Well, that concludes this report. I hope to do many more in the future.

I will leave you with the rest of the photos from today.

301319_10150858076915122_554785121_21565701_127788259_n 302199_10150858071140122_554785121_21565641_998060394_n

302555_10150858076170122_554785121_21565693_736065914_n 303242_10150858077295122_554785121_21565705_1901612404_n

305731_10150858079625122_554785121_21565727_861879394_n 307828_10150858070260122_554785121_21565636_1139877174_n

308371_10150858072480122_554785121_21565652_979678444_n 301153_10150858080455122_554785121_21565733_1231157776_n

309724_10150858082780122_554785121_21565755_1426676099_n 311952_10150858080905122_554785121_21565736_2048813584_n

312535_10150858083465122_554785121_21565761_1257358471_n 300180_10150858083800122_554785121_21565763_1354722839_n

308506_10150858083125122_554785121_21565757_344238947_n 309269_10150858077750122_554785121_21565709_720779050_n

309637_10150858084120122_554785121_21565766_325210509_n 312743_10150858078395122_554785121_21565716_1036232507_n

313002_10150858070635122_554785121_21565639_1807441957_n 313207_10150858073610122_554785121_21565664_1817014492_n

314400_10150858072000122_554785121_21565648_247657102_n 314518_10150858068930122_554785121_21565628_2134523689_n

314965_10150858078130122_554785121_21565712_498786739_n 316544_10150858078755122_554785121_21565719_1945058389_n

318610_10150858081285122_554785121_21565738_1322858223_n 320545_10150858079120122_554785121_21565723_88811872_n

320649_10150858075660122_554785121_21565688_2072466660_n 321062_10150858072895122_554785121_21565656_1850218337_n

321264_10150858071555122_554785121_21565643_1949453566_n Picture 011

321620_10150858081915122_554785121_21565747_1105164254_n Picture 009

Picture 013 Picture 012

Picture 018 Picture 020

Picture 021 Picture 026

Picture 024 Picture 025

Picture 027 Picture 028

Picture 032 Picture 038

Picture 039 Picture 041

Picture 044 Picture 045

Picture 046 Picture 047

Picture 049 Picture 050

Picture 051 Picture 052

Picture 053 Picture 054

Picture 055 Picture 056

Picture 057 Picture 058

Picture 059 Picture 060

Picture 061 Picture 062

Picture 063 Picture 064

Picture 065 Picture 066

Picture 067 Picture 068

Picture 069 Picture 070

Picture 071 Picture 072

Picture 073 Picture 074

Picture 075


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