Tory MP writes to local paper re: Health & Social Care Bill

The following is a letter my local Tory MP decided to write in the readers letters section of the free paper this week:


Nuneaton Tribune – Thursday 22nd September 2011


Your Letters.


“New Law used to frighten residents.


I refer to several recent articles from Nuneaton Labour councillors and their comments on the recent Health and Social Care Bill.


Misinterpretation is not a word I use lightly, however our Labour councillors seem happy to misinterpret the facts over the Health and Social Care Bill and the NHS, and in the process are using the politics of fear to frighten Nuneaton, without cause to do so.


On several occasions they have tried to mislead the pubic by stating that the NHS is being cut, when in fact funding for the NHS in England is increasing in real terms under the Conservative led government and will do so throughout the current parliament.


Conveniently, locally Labour forget to explain that their Westminster counterparts have not committed to this additional funding and that in Wales, where there is a Labour administration, NHS funding is being cut.


What the Health and Social Care Bill will cut is a large amount of the bureaucracy in our health system, the scourge of our National Health System. Let us not forget that under the Labour government the number of managers in the NHS increased five times quicker than the number of doctors and nurses.


Locally, under the auspice of the Primary Care Trust, we have seen a marked reduction in local services over a number of years; Bramcote Hospital was run down and closed; the George Eliot has been starved of resources for years; and the Avenue Clinic was closed, not to mention the unpopular “Fast Slow Stop” policy. This policy saw those in the north of the county deprived of operations that were still being conducted for those in the south of the county.


The question is therefore; why is Labour, both nationally and locally, so intent on keeping a system that has consistently failed Nuneaton and North Warwickshire? Perhaps their union paymasters could explain for them.


Marcus Jones

Member of Parliament for



You see, it’s not just in the tabloids and on the national news that Tories like to play dirty and tell porkie pies, they do it in their own constituencies, in their local papers, to their own constituents. Normal people like you and me.

I could understand him repeating the party line, like he does with every standard letter he sends out to me when I email him on any matter regarding the cuts, but to actually pretend that the Health and Social Care bill is somehow better than the current NHS, especially after a big event was recently in town before the crucial vote (organised by a Labour councillor, which may exlain his venom) where thousands signed a petition to stop the bill and thousands of us wrote to him asking him to vote against it.

I want to reply to his letter, publicly in the paper, telling him everso politely to shhhh and to let all the local residents know he’s lying. If anyone reading this can help me construct a well informed factual letter please leave it in a comment below 🙂

On a lighter note, our local anti cuts group is in town tomorrow, I wonder if he will avoid the area, or accidentally walk past and be given a leaflet by my 12yr old daughter again *giggles*



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