Save Justice – Stop The Legal Aid Bill!

Some of you will already know that The Minister for Justice, Ken Clarke wants to stop legal aid for a variety of cases and situations, outlined below.

Since the first draft of his Bill was published there have been some shocking discoveries, which will stop millions of people from receiving adequate legal representation and justice. This is wrong. Justice should not just be for the rich, it should be for all.

The main points of the Bill are:

Legal Aid will no longer be available for

* Private family law, such as divorce and custody issues.
* Clinical negligence claims
* Employment and education law
* Immigration, other than when someone is detained
* Some debt, housing and benefit issues

Ken Clarke said that victims of domestic violence would still receive access to legal aid. This has been found to be a lie. Some victims will get legal aid, but only after they have jumped through several hoops. (see link below)

At the moment, if you are arrested, you are automatically entitled to free legal representation (duty solicitor). Ken Clarke wants to change that (see link below)

The Bill will be in the House of Commons General Committee on Tuesday 11th October 2011. We would like to invite you all to write to the MP’s who will be present there and tell them what you think, and how this awful Bill will affect you personally. We want you to tell them what legal aid has done for you, how it changed your life and gave you access to justice.

There is no draft letter for this event, all that is required is your own personal story and opinion.

The list of email addresses are:

Jim Sheridan

Philip Hollobone

Crispin Blunt

Tom Brake

Robert Buckland

Mike Crockart

Alex Cunningham

Jonathan Djanogly

Yvonne Fovargue

Helen Goodman

Kate Green

Ben Gummer

Damian Hinds

Jessica Lee

Elfyn Llwyd

Jonathan Reynolds

Andy Slaughter

Anna Soubry

Elizabeth Truss

Karl Turner

Ben Wallace

Dave Watts

Jeremy Wright

Please, also sign the petition on the Sound Off For Justice website


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