Dear Mr Miliband…

I’m posting this here for everyone who doesn’t use facebook.

There is an online event happening all this week where people who are disappointed/worried/concerned about the direction the labour party are heading.

I am not affiliated with any particular political party (apart from the Tories!) but I was asked to make this possible for many other people.

It is an email writing event to explain to Ed Miliband what you would like to see happen, what your concerns are etc.

Below is a letter composed by a friend of mine for everyone to use. You can adjust/tweek  it to your own needs, it is purely an example.

The email addresses to send your emails to are:


The Letter:

Dear Ed/Mr Miliband (depends how friendly you feel!)

As you know on 30 June thousands of public sector workers withdrew their labour. On the same day thousand of others joined protests and demonstrations across the country or took part in online campaigns to show their support for the people on strike.

These actions were not just about public sector pensions. They took place in order to send a clear message to the government: ‘We cannot accept that redundancies, pay freezes and cuts to pensions in the public sector are necessary to reduce the deficit. We cannot accept the draconian ‘reforms’ to welfare. We cannot accept the need to dismantle our public services. These cuts to public services and welfare reforms will ensure that, once again, the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are being asked to pay for the mistakes and greed of the financial institutions and the arrogance of politicians. If the £120 billion that is ‘lost’ avoided or evaded in tax every year was collected, there would be no economic crisis.

Many of the people who took part in the day of action are Labour supporters. You have said many times that in recent years the Labour party leadership lost touch with its own members and the public. Hence, the fact that you opposed the strike action seems at odds with your claims to get back in touch with the grass roots. Many of the people who took the decision to strike did not take that decision lightly and your opposition to their action has left a sour taste in the mouths of your supporters, many of whom are new young party members.

We have a government which seems intent on railroading through their ideologically driven cuts and ‘reforms’ with little regard for how they affect the poor and the vulnerable. We need you, as leader of the Labour party in opposition to speak, not just for the ‘squeezed middle’ but also the poor, the sick, the disabled and the workers of this country.

In the months following the General Election, when people realised just what the present government stand for, as you know, Labour party membership numbers increased rapidly. However, unless you want people to vote with their feet, you need be clearer about who you really represent. People are disillusioned with politicians and party politics in general but many still see Labour as the lesser of the three evils under our present system. The way things are looking with the changes to constituency boundaries, rejection of AV, fixed term parliaments, your disaster at the Scottish parliament elections and talk of Scotland going it alone, there is real fear that we will never have other than a Tory government again.

So, Ed/Mr Miliband, you have been presented with an opportunity to regain the support that the Labour party have lost and are now losing by showing us a bit more ‘Red Ed’ and a lot less of a party that in so many ways is becoming indistinguishable from the Condems. PMQs’ theatricals are great but actions speak louder than words. Please support the people who would really like to support you.

Yours sincerely


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