Local Campaigns – Find Yours – A-Z


Aberdeen Against Austerity
Location: UK » Scotland » AB

Local people recognising that there is a better way.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_184144251597206


Abergavenny Save Our Services
Location: UK » Wales » NP

Local group with strong links with Unison protesting about cuts to raise awareness and mobilise support for events such as the TUC demo on Mar 26. We leaflet in the town centre on a monthly basis and are having our first public meeting on Feb 3rd

Email: abergavennysos@hotmail.com


ACT NOW Autism Campaigners Together
Location: UK » National/non-regional

ACT (Autism Campaigners Together) NOW are a core group of people passionate about the future and wellbeing of children and adults with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder in the UK. Following the hand over of 6,000 signatures received from families of children with autism and adults with autism to 10 Downing Street and the publication of the ACT NOW Impact Assessment Report the campaign has entered its second phase.

Phase two of our campaign is to ‘Record the Cuts!’ We want our supporters, in fact anyone who is living with autism, to record anything that you hear about any cuts happening in your area and to let us know about them. We need to gather as much information as possible throughout the UK on cutbacks in local authorities and reductions in services for our children and adults.

The Cuts will affect Local Authorities (LAs) including County, Metropolitan
and Unitary Councils, Primary Care Trusts (PCT) and Health Authority

We are now looking for ACT NOW Area Co-ordinators. We would like to have as many Local Authorities and County Councils covered as we possibly can. The more information we can share with each other the more we will know just how much the cuts are going to impact on our lives. We are already aware that some LAs and Health Authorities have announced cuts. If we can add up all of the cuts that are taking place we could be in for a very BIG shock. It is likely that some families will have their lives affected by cuts being made in three, made by their LAs, PCTs and Health Authorities.

Website: actnow01.web.officelive.com/default.aspx
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ACT-NOW-Autism-Campaigners-Together/170796366267546
Email: act.now@btinternet.com
Telephone: 0191 549 0898


Action Against Cuts Cardiff
Location: UK » Wales » CF

Student-led anti-cuts campaign; organised the 24-25 November occupation of the Shandon Lecture Theatre at Cardiff University as well as several other events drawing hundreds of people. Close ties with Cardiff Against the Cuts & other anti-cuts groups in the city. Party-politically unaligned, opposes all cuts.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=79880435159
Twitter: @occupiedcardiff
Email: cardiffsocialiststudents@gmail.com
Telephone: 07947214169


Action for ESOL
Location: UK » National/non-regional

Alliance of unions (UCU, NUS), the National Association of Teachers of English and Community Languages (NATECLA) + Refugee Council and other migrant and refugee organisations. We are campaigning to fight against cuts to adult English language classes (ESOL) and to lobby for free ESOL classes to all those who need them. New regualtions will charge fees to all but those on ‘active benefits’ (i.e. JSA). This will threaten up to 75% of provision in some further and adult education colleges.

Website: http://www.actionforesol.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_182127078468133&ap=1
Twitter: @ActionforESOL
Email: DTaubman@ucu.org.uk


Art Uncut
Location: UK » National/non-regional

Musicians and artists trying to take the anti-cuts movement to a wider
audience. For more about our history and aims, see:


Website: http://www.artuncut.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Uncut/183293141685870
Twitter: @artuncut
Email: contact@artuncut.org.uk
Telephone: 07415219326


Arts Against Cuts
Location: UK » National/non-regional

An umbrella space for students, artists and cultural workers to display and align their ideas and actions against the cuts.

We are fighting back against the most significant governmental attack on the public sector in living memory. We are specifically concerned with the proposed cuts to the education system and as the arts sector we are anticipating feeling the full weight of this socially irresponsible policy. We are in solidarity with the other sectors fighting against the cuts and openly welcome co-ordinated action in creative and innovative ways.

Website: artsagainstcuts.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arts-Against-Cuts/180764858605338
Email: artsagainstcuts@gmail.com


Barnet Alliance for Public Services
Location: UK » London » N

The Barnet Alliance for Public Services was launched at a public meeting in North London Business Park on 23rd September 2010. More than 200 people attended. We are a coalition of residents, campaign groups and trade unions in the London Borough of Barnet.

Our aims

• We champion democratically accountable, high quality public services. We reject the idea that public services should be cut in order to bail out the banks.

• We reject Barnet council’s plans for mass outsourcing of its services – no to easyCouncil!

• We oppose privatisation and cuts to public services, whether NHS, education, or local authority, and will resist them.

• We oppose free schools and the extension of academies.

• We note that the council reversed its unpopular decision to pay the council leader and cabinet members higher allowances. This shows that public pressure works!

Website: barnetalliance.org
Twitter: @BarnetAlliance
Email: barnetalliance4publicservices@gmail.com

Bath Against Cuts
Location: UK » South West » BA

Bath Against Cuts is an alliance of activists, workers, trade unionists, students and service users who are campaigning against public service cuts in the Bath area.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bath-Against-Cuts/157805550924836
Email: bathagainstcuts@yahoo.co.uk

Bedford Against The Cuts
Location: UK » East of England » MK

Group of Trade Unions and Local People campaigning against ALL cuts

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001965023376
Twitter: @bedfordacuts

Bexley Anti-Cuts
Location: UK » London » DA

We’re just starting out, aided by the Greenwich & Bexley Trades Union Council. Join our facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_168551836511600&ap=1

Our first meeting is Thursday March 10, 7pm at the Edward Alderton Theatre, Brampton Road, Bexleyheath. Speakers include Matt Wrack FBU, Teresa Pearce MP, Chris Bambery of Right to Work http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114251635316372

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_168551836511600&ap=1
Telephone: 07853 267 571


Birmingham Against the Cuts
Location: UK » West Midlands » B

Birmingham Against The Cuts is a group formed by Trade Unions, Service Groups, User Groups and Campaign Groups in Birmingham to oppose the cuts being made by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalitions both nationally and locally.

You can follow us on Twitter at @ BrumAgainstCuts

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Birmingham-Against-The-Cuts/182475438433616
Email: Birminghamagainstthecuts@gmail.com


Birmingham Save Our Services
Location: UK » West Midlands » B

Birmingham City Council are proposing millions of pounds of cuts. Care Homes, Nurseries, Libraries, Leisure Centres and Neighbourhood offices all face the axe.

Care Homes are already closing. 23 council day nurseries could close leaving 852 children without a nursery place.

Already1,380 council workers have been issued with notices warning them that they may face the sack.

At the Council Meeting on Tuesday 23rd February they voted to cut £69 million from the budget, despite having received £30 million extra from the government this year.

If the council get away with this they will devastate our services.

Website: http://www.sosbirmingham.org.uk
Email: sosbirmingham@gmail.com


Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK
Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are a new coalition of black public and voluntary sector workers, trade unionists, community organisations, service users and concerned individuals whose aim is to create a critical mass of opposition to the Government plans to cut vital services and sack thousands of public sector workers including many black workers across the country.

This campaign is determined to defend both jobs and services. In the face of the most draconian cuts to public sector spending since the 2nd World War, it is important that Black communities including public sector workers, trade unions, community third sector organisations and service users come together to defend black communities from complete economic and social devastation.

With African, Caribbean, Asian and ethnic minority communities constituting some of the poorest sections of British society, any disproportionate cuts to national, regional or local services will have devastating effects.

Our communities already suffer the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in the UK. Racism in the labour market has resulted in a large majority of those in employment, working in either the public or voluntary sectors. Both provide key services to vulnerable members of our communities.

The recent budget announcements will have a greatly magnified and disproportionate impact on black workers, black service users and black unemployed.

The cuts will lead to black workers being the target of redundancies and pay freezes which in reality will be a pay cut, widening the existing unacceptable pay gap between black and white workers.
Those who are left with jobs will face more pressure to deliver with reduced facilities.

Service users will experience difficulties accessing reduced facilities/services from overburdened staff. In some instances vital services will be cut altogether further entrenching economic deprivation.

Black people experience racism in all aspects of life. Acute racism has led to occupational segregation and unacceptable high unemployment rates in black communities. The proposed public sector cuts will further entrench poverty and act as a catalyst leading to further socio-economic deprivation, social disorganisation and deeply alienated communities.

Who we are
This is a joint initiative organised by Zita Holbourne, a member of the Public and Commercial Services Union National Executive Committee and TUC Race Relations Committee and Lee Jasper, Political Advisor to the 1990 Trust.

The four main objectives of the campaign are:

• To campaign and defend jobs and services.
• To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of the huge reduction of public spending on deprived communities in particular black communities.
• To provide a campaigning platform to fight against cuts in jobs and services including on any adverse, disproportionate impact on black workers and communities.
• To work in partnership and build alliances with others facing and fighting similar attacks.

For more information and to get involved contact:
Lee Jasper | lee-jasper@live.com | 07984181797
Zita Holbourne | zita@pcs.org.uk | 07711861660

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=108132359239521
Email: zita@pcs.org.uk
Telephone: 07984181797 or 07711861660


Bolton Coalition Against The Cuts
Location: UK » North West » BL

Bolton Coalition Against The Cuts was set up by Bolton Trades Unions in conjunction with community organisations and user groups. It aims to bring people together from all sections of the town to oppose cuts to public services.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=130313470347323
Email: boltontuc@hotmail.co.uk


Bolton TUC (Bolton Trades Union Council)
Location: UK » North West » BL

Bolton Trades Union Council (Bolton TUC) is the umberella group for all trade unions in Bolton. We actively support workers in dispute & numerous campaigns. We oppose racism, discrimination & fascism. 2010 Affiliations include branches of BFAW(4), CWU(2), NASUWT(1), NUT(1), PCS(1), RMT(1), UNISON(3) & UNITE(2). Affiliation is open to any union branch with members working (or living) in Bolton (subject to rules & constitution). Affiliation = 10p full time member (as a rough guide affiliation is £50 a year for a branch with 500 members). Affiliation (without voting rights) is also open to local campaign groups & (NUS) student unions (cost = £10 a year). Bolton TUC is part of Greater Manchester Association of Trades Councils.

Email: boltontuc@hotmail.co.uk


Bournemouth & Poole Anticuts Coalition
Location: UK » South West » BH

Groups, union members and individuals coming together to fight the cuts and promote the alternative.

Website: bpacc.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_118828344857838
Twitter: @BPACCdotnet
Email: info@bpacc.net


Bournemouth Education Activist Network
Location: UK » South West » BH

Join for debate and updates on what’s going on in the Bournemouth area to fight cuts and tuition fees.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bournemouth-Education-Activist-Network/109946982407852


Boycott Boots
Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are facing unprecedented cut’s in public service that will decimate hospitals, local services and Further and Higher Education.

But I think the government is looking through the wrong end of the telescope. It is concentrating on reducing expenditure when it should be looking to increase revenue.

Over the last few years large parts of British Industry have moved their financial affairs off shore reducing the revenue the government earns.

My view is quite simple – we pay our taxes in return for services, industry should do the same.

A prime example of this is the Boot’s company. Despite it’s history of the moral values of the devout Methodist Jess Boot it has moved it’s financial affairs to Switzerland reducing it’s tax payments from a typical £120-150 M per annum to a paltry £14M, just 3% of the companies turnover in the UK.

I say that this is morally indefensible and Boot’s should pay tax to match it’s turnover.

That’s why I have launched the website boycottboot.org.uk. I, together with College Students, will be outside the Boot’s branch in Grantham next Saturday (the busiest trading day of the year) handing out leaflets explaining this position.

Would you like to join us outside a branch anywhere in the country?

Check out the site for further details and download flyers to hand out. Please
forward this e-mail to friends and family nationally, if you share my outrage.
Through consumer power and the weight of public opinion we can get the financial laws of this country changed.


David Slater
UCU Branch Secretary
Grantham College

Website: boycottboots.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163024970407636
Email: boycott@boycottboots.org.uk
Telephone: 01476 404368


Bradford People’s Coalition Against The Cuts
Location: UK » North East » BD

To oppose the public sector, benefits & education cuts and the privatisation of the NHS.To stand in solidarity with the disabled people, low paid workers, older & younger people, students, unemployed people,carers, black & ethnic minority people, people facing job loss, and refugees & asylum seekers affected by the cuts. To acknowledge that women will face the biggest burden from the cuts.

To organise demonstrations & protests against the cuts & tax evaders & to share information about their affects & how to challenge them. To campaign against tax evaders & avoiders and the ever increasing gap between rich & poor.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bradford-Peoples-Coalition/156154664428986
Email: bpcac@yahoogroups.com


Brent Fightback
Location: UK » London » NW

Brent Fightback is a campaign sponsored by Brent Trades Union Council that aims to unite workers in the public, private and voluntary sectors with service users and all those at risk from the cuts. We hold regular meetings open to anyone who lives or works in Brent

Website: http://www.brenttuc.org.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=151133068251358&v=info
Email: brentunited@gmail.com


Brent Trades Union Campaign
Location: UK » London » NW

This website is maintained by Ben Rickman, Secretary, Brent Trades Union Council.  I am an experienced lay officer and a member of Unite. I also have a Managing Safely qualification in Health and Safety.

Brent TUC is the Trades Union Council for the London Borough of Brent and is affiliated to the Greater London Association of Trades Union Councils (GLATUC). GLATUC is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010.

Our postal address is c/o the Willesden Trades and Labour Hall, 375 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2JR, England. This is also where we hold our meetings. We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month except for August and December. Meetings start at 7:30pm.

Website: http://www.brenttuc.org.uk
Email: info@brenttuc.org.uk

Brentwood anti-cuts campaign
Location: UK » East of England » CM

We are a group of anti-cuts campaigners , we oppose the coalition governments cuts, we live or work in brentwood area, we are a broad campaign, many of us are trade unionists, we welcome others to campaign with us, we are not affiliated to any political party’

Telephone: 07773154972 – john


Brighton Benefits Campaign
Location: UK » South East » BN

Brighton Benefits Campaign is a group of claimants and workers who campaign to bring together those in and out of work to fight against the Government’s welfare reforms.

The Brighton Benefits Campaign was launched in February 2010 in the face of continuing attacks on benefits and the welfare state and the increasing criminalisation of all those who claim. At a time when billions can be found for illegal wars and bank bail outs, the poorest and most vulnerable in the society are having to pay for a recession they never caused.

Rather than be used to drive down wages and be used as free labour, we aim to unite the unemployed and benefit claimants with workers, unions and other campaigns together to build a fight back.

We demand:
– an end to the privatisation of the benefit system
– an end to criminalisation of those on benefits
– an increase in benefits to ensure claimants can live above the poverty line
– no more job cuts but rather public investment to create jobs

We oppose ESA and demand a more humane benefit for the sick.

Website: brightonbenefitscampaign.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=330881981262&v=info
Email: brightonbenefitscampaign@gmail.com

Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition
Location: UK » South East » BN

A broad coalition of unions, local campaigns & sympathetic political groups brought together to protect public services, jobs & communities from the huge funding cuts that will affect so many in our city.

By imposing these cuts the Con-Dem government is making a direct assault on working people, & particularly the most vulnerable in our society.

Yet these are not the people who created the crisis. Those responsible for the financial crisis should be the ones to pay for it, principally the bankers & speculators.

The government claims that cuts are necessary. If that is so, then money could be saved nationally by not proceeding with useless schemes such as Trident, & locally by not paying large sums to ‘strategic directors’ for the council.

We will fight the cuts & oppose the wave of privatisation that is sweeping over public services & the voluntary sector.

Website: stopthecutscoalition.org/brighton/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115148898535213

Bristol and District Anti-Cuts Alliance
Location: UK » South West » BS

The Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance was formed in July of this year by members of local branches of the public sector unions. Since then, it has grown to a substantial organisation with almost all unions being represented on it. It has the support of the Bristol Trades Union Council and the Joint Trade Union Committee of Bristol City Council. Its Joint Chairs are John McInally, National Vice-President of the Public and Commercial Services Union, and Nina Franklin, National Vice-President of the National Union of Teachers.

Our aims are as follows:

• To campaign against the proposed cuts in public services and privatisations by the Coalition Government.

• To unite local trade unions and voluntary and community groups in this campaign.

• To organise events such as demonstrations and rallies at appropriate times.

• To organise support for specific groups of workers in dispute or under threat as a result of the cuts.

• To counter through a variety of means the arguments being put about in favour of cuts by the Tory media e.g. “Cuts are inevitable”, “The public sector is feather-bedded”, “We’re all in it together for the sake of the nation”, etc, etc, in order to win hearts and minds for what will be a long and hard campaign.

We hold regular, open meetings to discuss the campaign and have a Steering Committee which is expanding as more groups join us. We are planning a number of events in particular, a demonstration on the 20 October, the day of the Public Spending Review, and a much larger South West Regional Rally and Demonstration in Bristol on the following Saturday 23 October.

We invite your branch / organisation to join the campaign to save public services and formally affiliate to the Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance. There is no affiliation fee but we ask for a donation as we already have substantial costs in producing thousands of leaflets and will need a lot more.

Website: http://www.bristolanticutsalliance.org.uk/
Email: admin@bristolanticutsalliance.org.uk
Telephone: 0117 9556198


Bromley Cuts Concern (Bromley Against the Cuts)
Location: UK » London » BR

Bromley Cuts Concern has been formed to scrutinise and, where necessary, oppose the forthcoming cuts programme to be implemented by Bromley Council. We seek to be a broad, community-based group of concerned residents, independent of any political party. We believe that the best way to cut the country’s deficit would be to clamp down on tax evasion, tighten up tax avoidance loopholes and address the appalling under-collection of taxes. Combined, these could generate up to £100 billion a year according to the New Economics Foundation. Action on tax would mainly affect those better able to pay whereas cutting public expenditure disproportionately hits the poor.

Website: bromleyagainstcuts.blogspot.com/
Email: bromleycuts@gmail.com
Telephone: 07789486429


Calderdale Joint Unions against Cuts
Location: UK » North East » HX

We are local people representing local people, who are working on behalf of local people in Calderdale against the Governments spending review, which will damage the local economy and create more unemployment in Calderdale and severley reduce services to the most vulnerable in Calderdale community.

Website: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41033.html
Email: calderdalenut@btconnect.com
Telephone: 01422 321877


Cambridge Defend Education
Location: UK » East of England » CB

The Occupation of Old Schools Senior Combination Room, University of Cambridge:

We, the Cambridge occupation, following a collective and democratic process, make these demands of University of Cambridge management:

1. That the University completely oppose the increase in fees, fight against it and fight against all cuts to education, and use its influence to oppose the spending review’s threat to education, welfare, health, and other public services.
2. That the University use its influence to fight for free education for all.
3. That the University acknowledge and take steps to combat the systemic inequality of access to this elitist institution and the danger of its intensification posed by the scrapping of EMA, a rise in tuition fees and removal of programs such as Aim Higher.
4. That the University declare it will never privatise.
5. That the University commit to ensure the autonomy of education from corporate interests.
6. That the University recognise UCU (University & College Union). We urge post-graduates, academics and all university staff to unionise.
7. That the University ensure that no students who take part in any form of peaceful protest will face disciplinary action.
8. That the University urge Gonville and Caius College to open their library, and allow Caius Students full access.

Angry? We are. 18 millionaires in the cabinet tell us that we can no longer afford an open, affordable and fair education system. 75% cuts to the education budget > fees of up to £9000 > free school meals scrapped > EMA discarded.

Our politicians have lied to us; the Lib Dems were planning to break their tuition fee pledges even as they made them. The Tories hid their post-election agenda behind the vague rhetoric of ‘big society’. They are acting unaccountably.

Inaction is no longer an option.

This is a call out to university students, sixth form students, cleaners, administrative staff, lecturers and fellows and anyone who does not accept the disastrous slashing of education budgets and the raising of tuition fees – anyone who believes that the future of education is greater than just another arena for the free market to expand its operations – anyone who believes that education should be accessible to all – anyone who believes that education expands the collective horizons of society immeasurably.

Together, we can fight this.

Unlike the politicians, who impose these disastrous cuts from above in order to protect the financial system which has created this mess, we will work together and listen to each other to fight for a free and fair education system for the benefit of all society, not profit.

organise | create | dissent

Website: http://www.defendeducation.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/camdefendeducation
Email: camdefendeducation@gmail.com

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts
Location: UK » East of England » CB

Campaign to build local resistance to the attack on public services. The group was set up following announcement by Cambridgeshire County Council to cut£ 94m from their budget!

Why is the council making cuts?

Cambridgeshire County Council has proposed £84 million of cuts to compensate for a shortfall in the 2010/11 budget (£337 million). Similar cuts are proposed to councils around the country as local government is asked to claw back the massive bailouts to the banks and insurance firms.

There is money for bankers but not services and jobs?

The estimated £1.3 trillion which UK tax payers have coughed up in order to guarantee private city firms is triple the total combined local and national public spending on health, education, welfare, pensions and transport combined.

What impact will cuts have?

A cut in budget on this scale will have a severe impact on the services provided to the people of Cambridgeshire including, highways, libraries, adult care, young peoples services, mental health and some education services. Like all cuts it will be the most vulnerable who are hit hardest.

Ordinary people should not pay for the bankers’ crisis!

We the undersigned call on Cambridgeshire County Council to refuse to ratify this year’s damaging and unjust budget. The Council should demand that central government makes up any budget shortfall that would lead to:

• Loss of services
• Privatisation of services
• Worsening of conditions for council staff
• An above inflation rise in Council Tax

Website: http://www.cambridgeshireagainstthecuts.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=292695898408
Email: Cambs.Against.the.Cuts@gmail.com
Telephone: 07712893552

Camden United Against the Cuts
Location: UK » London » NW

The Con-Dem Coalition is intent on forcing local councils to implement the most severe spending cuts in living memory. We have to stand together to resist this attack.

Con-Dem cuts will slash nearly £90 million from the Council’s funds over the next three years. Housing benefit caps could result in the eviction of hundreds of households from the borough, while other policy changes will push rents to 80 percent of market rates in Housing Association properties.

The cuts and other Con-Dem measures will hit the poorest hard, changing Camden’s make-up and tearing the heart out of the borough.

We have to stand together to resist this attack. Say NO to a Camden gutted by cuts. Say YES to a Camden United Against the Cuts.

Website: camdentradescouncil.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15&Itemid=9
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/camdenunitedagainstcuts
Email: camdenunitedagainstcuts@gmail.com

Campaign for a Fair Society
Location: UK » National/non-regional

The Campaign wants power and control to shift from government to citizens, families and communities. But we don’t want the government’s ‘Big Society’ if that means a loss of basic human rights and unfair cuts focused on the most vulnerable. We want a fair society.

We can already see signs of the negative impact of the cuts on disabled people and other groups of people. Each of these cuts threatens to damage the citizenship of vulnerable people, weaken family structures and undermine local communities.

Website: http://www.campaignforafairsociety.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/campaignforafairsociety
Twitter: @4aFairSociety
Email: info@campaignforafairsociety.com


Campaign for the Public University
Location: UK » National/non-regional

The UK Campaign for the Public University is open to all. It is a broad-based campaign with no party or other political affiliation. It has been initiated by a group of university teachers and graduate students seeking to defend and promote the idea of the university as a public good. We believe that the public university is essential both for cultivating democratic public life and creating the means for individuals to find fulfillment in creative and intellectual pursuits regardless of whether or not they pursue a degree programme.

Website: publicuniversity.org.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/home.php?sk=group_161578773881877&ap=1
Twitter: @public_uni
Email: publicuniversity@live.co.uk


Canterbury Education Activist Network Assembly
Location: UK » South East » CT

Canterbury students are holding the first EAN assembly to discuss the fight back in education cuts. All welcome

Speakers so far: Mark Bergfeld, (NUS) PC, trade unions, Kent uni occupiers, school student from Simon Langton school, UCU and more…

More info to follow soon

Website: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_111242792278660
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=187973044563817


Cardiff Against The Cuts (CATC)
Location: UK » Wales » CF

Cardiff Against the Cuts was set up by Cardiff Trades Council to link local trade unionists with students, benefits claimants, pensioners and those who use public services in a united campaign to fight to defend public services from cutbacks.

Website: http://www.againstcuts.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_137614332963687
Email: cardiffatc@gmail.com
Telephone: 07766460336


Castle Point against the Cuts
Location: UK » East of England » SS

Campaign to oppose cuts to local government services in Castle Point and the surrounding areas. We also campaign against the huge cuts to the public sector including the NHS, Essex Fire Service, Education and the increase in University tuition fees. Hoping to attract groups and individuals from across the political spectrum.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Castle-Point-against-the-Cuts/127533293986740#!/pages/Castle-Point-against-the-Cuts/127533293986740?sk=wall


Charnwood and Loughborough Campaign Against The Cuts
Location: UK » East Midlands » LE

Our aims are to

* push for investment in jobs and an economy for a sustainable future .
* defend public and community services.
* stop unfair tax avoidance by the rich and multi-nationals.
* Put an end to unfair bankers’ bonuses.
* ensure all have affordable access to further and higher education.
* stop the scapegoating of people on benefits, the disabled and minority ethnic communities.
* ensure a fairer taxation system to meet the needs of all and for the common good.

The campaign is not aligned to any one group, political or otherwise. Founding members are from no party, Labour, Green Party and faith groups. We wish to build a broad and genuinely pluralist coalition of people from the whole community to help fight and reverse some of the most draconian cuts in public services for decades.

Website: sites.google.com/site/charnwoodcampaignagainstcuts/
Email: ccacuts@gmail.com


Chelmsford Against The Cuts
Location: UK » East of England » CM

The Chelmsford Against Cuts group was launched at a meeting of the Chelmsford TUC on September 22.

We aim to bring together all working class people in Chelmsford and its outlying districts to fight against the spending cuts brought in by the coalition government.

If you are an activist, concerned resident, disaffected service user – anyone angered by and keen to fight the cuts – then please get in touch and help us to fight this unnecessary, ideological attack on our society.

It has been widely shown that the intended cuts will affect the least well-off and the vulnerable – certainly not those who made this crisis and got us into this mess.

It is time for us to rally and show that we are united and strong, and will not take such an attack on our lives lying down.

Website: chelmsfordagainstcuts.wordpress.com
Email: maljan9@googlemail.com


Cheshire West Against the Cuts
Location: UK » North West » CH

West Cheshire Trades Council has set up Cheshire West Against the Cuts campaign for the people of West Cheshire to fight the cuts.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_107523119315580
Email: samoxford@hotmail.com
Telephone: 07590689352


Chesterfield Stop The Cuts
Location: UK » North East » S

Fighting the cuts in Chesterfield.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001679681356


Choose Youth
Location: UK » National/non-regional

Young people’s services change lives

Vital services that support young people are being pulled apart by the devastating cuts in public spending.

At the centre of this new focused assault on young people’s services is the potential demolition of the youth service and youth work. The youth service was created 50 years ago when the national debt was much higher but when there was a political consensus that society needed quality public services and needed to treasure the voice of the young.

Now, with around a million young people officially unemployed and many more in need of support, the very projects and programmes that bring hope to our young people are being broken up. The youth service is likely to be the first public service that disappears as it is an easy target.

Youth clubs, youth programmes, Connexions centres and youth counselling services – to name but a few – find themselves on the frontline of cuts. In fact, 95% of local authority youth services face disproportionate budget cuts this financial year, many are proposing to completely dispose of their youth services. 82% of voluntary sector youth groups anticipate that they will have to close whole projects.

But these services are vital to the future of the nation. They help to broaden young people’s horizons and help them negotiate the tricky path to adulthood. They do this by meeting young people on their own ground, building trusting relationships with them and working informally with them on their own concerns and interests. They convey a universal right of young people to open access provision.

Importantly, they can reach out to young people on the margins of society when other agencies have failed.

Central government argues that the cuts to services for young people are down to local government. But local government blames national government for not giving it enough money to fund services properly. We say governments at all levels should take responsibility. There is a choice. We say Choose Youth, it is a false economy to cut young people’s services.

Website: http://www.chooseyouth.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chooseyouth
Twitter: @chooseyouth
Email: kerry.jenkins@unitetheunion.org
Telephone: 0121 6436221


Coalition of Resistance
Location: UK » National/non-regional

The Coalition of Resistance:

1. is a broad united national campaign against cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services, based on general agreement with the Founding Statement issued by Tony Benn in August 2010.

2. is linked to no particular political party, but committed to open working in a non-sectarian way with all organisations seeking to co-ordinate resistance; and is dedicated to supplementing, rather than supplanting, trade union, student, pensioner and community opposition to austerity measures.

3. is based on thousands of individual supporters, together with national unions, union branches, anti-cuts campaigns, student, pensioner, unemployed, youth and other organisations which affiliate.

4. seeks to provide a national umbrella for a network of local and sectoral campaigns; and aspires to support, encourage, coordinate, and facilitate a transfer of experience rather than to command.

5. invites affiliation from functioning local campaigns championing public services or fighting the cuts; encourages the establishment of new local campaigns where there are none; and offers local campaigns the opportunity to call themselves local Coalitions of Resistance if they wish.

6. organises newsletters, a website http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk , meetings, conferences, lobbies, rallies, marches, demonstrations and other events.

7. vehemently opposes all proposals to “solve” the crisis by discrimination or scapegoating on the grounds of disability, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation or identity.

8. liaises closely with similar opposition movements in other countries and has issued a call for international resistance to austerity measures.

9. encourages a wide debate on how to protect the welfare state and develop an alternative programme for economic and social recovery in line with its founding statement.

10. is run by a steering committee meeting on a weekly basis and advised by periodic meetings of activist supporters of the founding statement until the Founding National Conference on 27th November 2010.

Website: http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coalition-of-Resistance-Cant-Pay-Wont-Pay/137748819598933
Email: coalitionofresistance@mail.com
Telephone: 07939 242229


Colchester Against The Cuts
Location: UK » East of England » CO

Colchester based campaign against the cuts.

Email: chrisgburrow@btinternet.com


Copeland and Allerdale Public Services Alliance
Location: UK » North West » CA

Copeland and Allerdale PSA is part of the Cumbria PSA, which aims to bring together trade unions, community groups, voluntary and faith groups and those dependant on public services to discuss how to respond to these threats, to protect our communities, and defend public services.

The coalition Government’s policies for public spending, welfare benefits and education have major implications for families and our communities.

Unemployment will rise dramatically – not least because more than 1 in 3 jobs in this area are in the public sector and many more dependent on public sector spending – the cuts in welfare benefits will harm the most needy and vulnerable.

Up to 50,000 jobs could be under threat in the region.

The proposed 25% cuts in departmental spending will take away services, provided by councils, voluntary and community bodies that are essential to support and help families and communities at such times.

The Government’s education proposals could result in radical changes to the management and running of schools as they accelerate the Academies programme with the private sector having a major role.

Reduced opportunities to study at college or University; and major cutbacks in apprenticeships and training will severely reduce opportunities for young people.

The coalition Government has no mandate to attack public services on the scale it proposes we must hold them to account.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=153298731349213
Email: westcumriapsa@gmail.com


Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance
Location: UK » South West » TR

Fighting the cuts in Cornwall. The Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance meets fortnightly and is organising demonstrations against the decimation of public services in the county. Whether you’re a student, trade unionist, worker or unemployed, get involved in the campaign. We are here to defend the hundreds of thousands of people who will be affected by the cuts being imposed by Cornwall Council and the Tory-led government.

Website: cornwallanticutsalliance.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_168320789854356
Telephone: 07412477292


Coventry Against The Cuts
Location: UK » West Midlands » CV

Set up by Coventry Trades Union Council, the campaign aims to unite all the unions, local community groups and individuals in opposition to ALL public sector cuts.

Coventry Against The Cuts holds regular meetings and host various events including demos and gigs. We believe there is an alternative to the cuts and aim to get that message across, along with supporting ALL our public services.

Website: http://www.coventryagainstthecuts.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135113133175498
Email: coventryagainstthecuts@gmail.com
Telephone: 07958985614


CROSS (Campaign to Retain Our School Services, Birmingham)
Location: UK » West Midlands » B

Campaign to Retain Our School Services has been formed to fight Birmingham City Council’s Central Services Cuts. Birmingham schools may lose many services or they will be privatised and many colleagues are facing redundancy.

The services we are fighting for include: Catering and cleaning, Outdoor Learning Service, Services for SEN children, City Learning Cantres, Music Service, International Office (school exchange), Arts Education, School and Governor Support, Birmingham Advisory and Support Service, Education Action Zones, Early Years’ teacher Support, Family Learning Service, Behaviour Support Service, Health Education Service, Ethnic Minority Pupil Support, support for supplementary schools, extended schools.

Instead of cutting our services, we urge Birmingham City Council to stand up for our children and press the Government for more money.

Website: crossbrum.weebly.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CrossBrum/174067739287644
Email: crossbrum@gmail.com


Croydon Alliance for Public Services
Location: UK » London » CR

An Alliance of trade unionists, community groups and individuals to campaign against the government’s cuts and to fight for public services. CAPS is sponsored by Croydon Trade Union Council.

Website: http://www.stopcutsincroydon.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=165962756753903
Email: croydonstopthecuts@gmail.com


Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Defend Public Sector Against Cuts
Location: UK » Scotland » G

Throughout the recent General Election campaign all the mainstream political parties had one thing in common. Their expressed intent to impose large scale public spending cuts.

The PCS union considered a motion at its conference on Wednesday 19th of May 2010 to oppose the cuts and defend public services through making links across public sector unions.

The motion recognises that there is a need for campaigning to be reflected at a grassroots community level – as this is where the impact of the cuts will hit hardest…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cumbernauld-and-Kilsyth-Defend-Public-SectorAgainst-Cuts/125467460813695


Cumbria Public Service Alliance
Location: UK » North West » CA

The Cumbria PSA aims to bring together trade unions, community groups, voluntary and faith groups and those dependant on public services to discuss how to respond to these threats, to protect our communities, and defend public services.

The coalition Government’s policies for public spending, welfare benefits and education have major implications for families and our communities.

Unemployment will rise dramatically – not least because more than 1 in 3 jobs in this area are in the public sector and many more dependent on public sector spending – the cuts in welfare benefits will harm the most needy and vulnerable.

Up to 50,000 jobs could be under threat in the region.

The proposed 25% cuts in departmental spending will take away services, provided by councils, voluntary and community bodies that are essential to support and help families and communities at such times.

The Government’s education proposals could result in radical changes to the management and running of schools as they accelerate the Academies programme with the private sector having a major role.

Reduced opportunities to study at college or University; and major cutbacks in apprenticeships and training will severely reduce opportunities for young people.

The coalition Government has no mandate to attack public services on the scale it proposes we must hold them to account.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cumbria-Public-Service-Alliance/119700041423695


Darlington Against Cuts

Location: UK » North East » DL

Darlington Against Cuts is a coalition of trade unionists and community activists co-ordinated by Darlington Trades Union Council.

Darlington Council is embarking upon a massive programme of £22 million cuts that will cripple the Council, cutting from line services, and throw in the region of 1,000 staff out of work. The bulk of these cuts end services to the old, disabled, people with learning disabilities and children. The Local Education Authority function is to be effectively privatised. These cuts will hit the vulnerable, and the redundancies will impact on the local economy leading to business closures and loss of private sector jobs. Throughout the UK over a million people will lose their jobs.

There is no need to close the Civic Theatre and the Arts Centre, or claim victory in keeping them open by privatising them.

Contrary to what you hear in the media there is no need for these cuts. The attacks on the public sector are purely political. This crisis has been caused by the banks, big business, and their political backers. They should pay; not ordinary people. Other polices to get us out of a ‘recession’ include benefit cuts, pay freezes, and VAT increases. With inflation at 4.5 % and the falling pound increasing the cost of food and goods, people are facing big cuts in their standards of living.

Website: darlingtonagainstcuts.wordpress.com

Email: nessn.teesvalley@ntlworld.com

Telephone: 0771 588 1901


Defend Dundee Services Campaign

Location: UK » Scotland » DD

The Defend Dundee Services Campaign opposes the austerity measures introduced by the Conservative / Lib Dem Government at Westminister and supports an alternative economic strategy that rejects cuts as the solution to the economic crisis. We will actively oppose the cuts agenda and will support both those who use threatened facilities, services and benefits in dundee and those who work to provide them. We will lobby our elected representatives at every level, targeting those who support cuts and those who fail to oppose their implementation. All organisations and individuals in our community who support this agenda are welcome to join us.

Defend Dundee Services aims to unite the city’s trade unions, public services workers and community / voluntary groups to defend services.

Campaign to defend public services in Dundee, Scotland and the wider UK.

The people of Dundee should not have to pay for the mistakes of millionaire bankers.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Defend-Dundee-Services-Campaign/122320964503223

Email: dundeetuc@ymail.com


Defend Glasgow Services campaign

Location: UK » Scotland » G

What is it?

The DGS campaign aims to unite the city’s trade unions, public services workers and community/voluntary organisations to defend Glasgow’s services. The DGS campaign was launched at a publicmeeting in January 2010.

What are its aims?

There is a set of aims that those wishing to get involved give broad support to:

Defend services and jobs

No to cuts in public spending

Oppose the privatisation of public services

Electedmembers should oppose all cuts by setting needs budgets that protect jobs

and services

Tax the banks and financial institutions that caused the crisis. End tax avoidance by

the super-rich andmake thempay their fair share

For a united campaign of public services workers, community/voluntary organisations and service user groups to defend Glasgow’s services

How is it organised?

The intention is to create a network of organisations who agree with the broad aims of the DGS campaign. Decisions at the steering group are therefore by consensus. The steering group is open to all community/voluntary organisations who wish to participate. The steering group is guided by the principle of 50%trade union nominees and 50%community/voluntary organisation representatives. The aimis to have a steering groupmeeting once amonth.

How do I get involved?

The UNISON Glasgow City Branch co-ordinates the work of the campaign. If you are interested in getting involved or wantmore information then please get in touch at:

UNISON Glasgow City Branch, 4th Floor, 18 Albion Street, G1 1LH

Website: www.glasgowcityunison.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148100718555863

Email: enquiries@glasgowcityunison.co.uk

Telephone: 0141 552 7069


Defend our NHS

Location: UK » North West » L

We are a non political organisation that are planning to campaign against the Con/dem changes/cuts to the NHS. We are looking for people to join us

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_122013427872508&ref=ts

Email: defend.our.nhs@gmail.com

Telephone: 01512001980


Defend our NHS York

Location: UK » North East » YO

Group of locals and health professionals opposing NHS reform!

Website: defendournhsyork.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_123247681081679

Email: defendournhsyork@googlemail.com


Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Location: UK » London » N

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition (DWHC) was set up, in Dec 2009, to build a united opposition to the proposals to close the Accident and Emergency Department at the Whittington Hospital and to stop the closure, privatisation and run-down of NHS services in our area. We are opposed to any loss of service in any hospital in North London.

Between December 2009 and April 2010 we mounted a huge campaign to save the Whittington A&E and Maternity Services. This included a 5,000 strong march along Holloway Road and at the end of April we achieved a victory when the Health Secretary agreed to halt the review that put our services under threat. However the General Election was followed by months of uncertainty and we sustained our campaigning efforts thoughout the year. The future of the Whittington Hospital now seems relatively secure (see Islington Gazette, 2-Dec-2010), but we will continue to monitor the situation because things could change at a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile there are numerous other threats to our health service, both nationally and locally, and we aim to report on these via this website. The most significant threat is the Government’s White Paper on Health – “Liberating” the NHS – which many people fear could revert our health systems to the situation of the 1930s.

Website: dwhc.org.uk/

Email: defendwhittington@gmail.com


Derbyshire Anti-Cuts Campaign

Location: UK » East Midlands » DE

This campaign has been formed by ordinary members of the public who are family carers and who support and look after relatives and friends in their Derbyshire communities.

All are welcome who feel strongly about the attacks on public safety net services and the “co-funding” ideas, taking some of people’s Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance – at least £23.90 a week – to pay for the esential support they receive.

These major cuts and changes are being proposed by Derbyshire County Council now. An attack on one is an attack on all. Where injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes necessary. Join us!

Facebook: en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Derbyshire-Anti-Cuts-Campaign/149767175046701


Derry Communities Against the Cuts

Location: UK » Northern Ireland » BT

Our community infrastructure along with our public services are under severe attack as a result of planned and ongoing cutbacks by the government in Stormont. Communities against the Cuts, based in Derry, are an alliance of individuals, community activists and political activists who have come together in the common fight to retain what is in place and to campaign for more vital services for communities. For too long our politicians have not had to be accountable to the people that they represent but we intend to change that and make these politicians answerable for the decisions that they make which affect the lives of working class people.

Website: www.no2cuts.com

Email: info@no2cuts.com


Disabled People against Cuts DPAC

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) was formed by a group of disabled people after the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people held on the 3rd October in Birmingham, England. It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest.

DPAC is for everyone who believes that disabled people should have full human rights and equality. It is for everyone who refuses to stay silent about the injustices delivered by wealthy politicians on ordinary people and their lives.

Website: www.dpac.uk.net/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=121196194603310

Twitter: @Dis_PPL_Protest

Email: mail@dpac


DIY UK: Do it yourself Resistance

Location: UK » National/non-regional

This is a fantastic anti-cuts campaign created by staff and students at the East London college NewVIC. This college will be one of the worst hit in the whole country by the EMA cuts.

The campaign is a range of satirical online videos aimed at students and all those who oppose the cuts nationwide. We’d love it go viral and create a big noise in support of the TUC demonstration on March 26th, so we need a lot of support and LIKES on our Facebook page. Our aim is to get to a thousand members this week … and then we’ll take it out to national press next week. If you would like to support this group of talented and passionate NewVIC students please visit our website, like it on facebook and post it/pass it on.

Website: www.diyuk.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/DIY-UK-Campaign/193046220727304

Twitter: @DIY-UK Campaign

Email: sacilloyd@gmail.com


Doncaster Coalition of Resistance

Location: UK » North East » DN

Fighting the cuts in Doncaster

Website: cordoncaster.wordpress.com/


Doncaster – Save Doncaster Libraries

Location: UK » North East » DN

Save Doncaster Libraries was set up to challenge the proposed closures of branches of the Doncaster Libraries Service.

We believe:

Libraries are a vital part of Doncaster communities.

The closure of library branches is counterproductive to the aims of Doncaster

Council and harmful to the communities they are in.

Doncaster deserves improved library services rather than reduced services.

Website: savedoncasterlibraries.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=340768107226&ref=ts

Email: savedoncasterlibraries@gmail.com


Dorset Anti Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South West » DT

A Blog dedicated to supporting services and protecting them against cuts

Website: dorsetsos.blogspot.com/


Dover Stop the Cuts

Location: UK » South East » CT

A campaign group established by Dover District Trades Council

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=110699368966562&v=wall

Email: cinqueports@rmt.org.uk


Dudley Coalition Against the Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » DY

Dudley Coalition Against the Cuts is a united campaign of trade unions, faith and community groups who want to organise collectively to save our precious public services on which so many people in our area depend.

Website: sites.google.com/site/dudleycoalitionagainstthecuts/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=157470620942675&v=info

Email: dudley.catc@gmail.com


Ealing Alliance for Public Services

Location: UK » London » W

Founded by Ealing NUT, UNISON and Trades Council

to educate about and act against public service cuts

whether they stem from direct government changes or Council decisions.

Email: nickgrant2512@mac.com

Telephone: 07958.542872


Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » Scotland » EH

This group has been primarily set-up to oppose the City of Edinburgh Council’s plans to cut millions of pounds from its budget, which could effect hundreds of jobs and lots of services around the city.

The group are also campaigning against the idea that there MUST be cuts.

The group aims to attract members from a diverse section of the city’s population that will be effected by the cuts.

Website: www.edinburghanticutsalliance.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=136242036419170

Twitter: @EDIAntiCuts


Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition

Location: UK » Scotland » EH

Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition campaigns against Westminster’s austerity measures. With particular focus on education cuts – mobilising the student body.

We have been coordinating action alongside other student groups across Scotland and the UK.

We have strong ties in the city with the Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Alliance and the Edinburgh Campaign Against Policy

You can follow us on twitter: @edinunianticuts

Website: edinunianticuts.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=149989485043042&ref=ts

Email: edinburghanticuts@gmail.com

Telephone: 07540248868


Enfield Alliance Against The Cuts

Location: UK » London » EN

Anti-cuts campaign in Enfield founded at a well attended meeting from across the political spectrum including Unison, PCS, Labour, Greens, CPB, Counterfire, SWP and Real Democracy. Local MP Andy Love and London Assembly Member Jo McCartney were also present. Elected steering committee of 4 men and 3 women.

Website: www.enfieldagainstcuts.co.uk

Email: secretary@enfieldagainstcuts.co.uk

Telephone: 07722865918


Exeter Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South West » EX

Exeter Anti-Cuts Alliance is a federal organization that seeks to organize individuals, trade unions, charities, students and community groups who refuse to be Con-Dem-ned to cuts, closures and privatisation – the price we are paying for a crisis caused by casino economics. Cuts to our living standards, health, education and hard won benefits are not inevitable. It will take a concerted fight back to stop John Hart and Devon County Council obediently laying into the region’s budget. Help us build this group so we can create an all Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance that will put a stop to the jobs massacre and the assault on our public services.

1) We are forming a group along federal lines to oppose the cuts and want as broad as possible a coalition of groups to join us.

2) We believe that the cuts are ideological, based on the dictatorship of the markets along with Tory small government ideology.

3) The concept that the cuts are necessary is a marketing ploy to hoodwink the electorate.

4) The cuts are far from being sustainable and will lead to a further increase in the division between rich and poor.

5) The best way of opposing the cuts is to propose a positive, progressive alternative budget and we welcome input to that process, especially with regard to sustainability.

6) We are affiliated to Tony Benn’s Coalition of Resistance .

Website: www.exeteranticutsalliance.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=101020616615711

Email: exeteranticuts@gmail.com


Fair Fares Now

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are facing the biggest train fare hikes in a generation – 28% over the next three years – as the government cuts the subsidy it provides to the railways.

Think these cuts won’t hurt? Think again.

Train fares are set to rise four times faster than wages next year. That means many people will have to find hundreds of pounds extra for their season tickets, without seeing a penny extra in their pay packets. We can’t afford to make it so expensive just to do a day’s work.

Fair Fares Now is a new campaign for more affordable train fares. Hiking fares is bad for passengers, bad for the environment and bad for the economy. We believe that trains should be treated as an essential public service – not a luxury for the rich.

The Government promised fair fares when it came to power – we need to stand together to make them keep their promise.

Join us today and help make fares cheaper, simpler and fairer!

Support the campaign and take action at http://www.fairfaresnow.org.uk/

Website: www.fairfaresnow.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17769708429

Twitter: @fairfaresnow

Email: alexandra.woodsworth@bettertransport.org.uk

Telephone: 020 7566 6486


Fair Local Commissioning Campaign

Location: UK » National/non-regional

This Campaign aims to stop UK Councils from taking contracts away from small local providers in favour of National Organisations.

With the cuts occuring as they have done Councils are risk averse and adding impossible financial constraints for small local providers to meet.

The result is only large national organisations can compete for contracts with certain Councils.

Twitter: @FLC_Campaign


Free Education Campaign

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Student led national campaign for investment in free education and against cuts.

Use this website to lobby your MP directly: http://www.stopfees.org/.

Website: www.freeeducationcampaign.blogspot.com/

Email: freeeducationcampaign@gmail.com


Friends of Easingwold Library

Location: UK » North East » YO

This group is to show support and appreciation for Easingwold Library at a time when it is threatened with closure due to North Yorkshire County Council’s budget cuts.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_165618423480078


Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries

Location: UK » South West » GL

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries group was formed to enable library users to speak out for our library service.

We aim to:

Work with library staff and managers to ensure the library service achieves and maintains high quality library and information services.

Raise the profile of the library services.

Encourage and provide community support for the continued development of our libraries and their services.

Lobby those in local and national government who make the decisions about the future of our libraries.

Website: foclibrary.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=114837621903093

Email: foc.cheltlib@gmail.com


Glasgow – Defend Glasgow Services

Location: UK » Scotland » G

Campaign to defend services in Glasgow. The people of Glasgow should not have to pay for the mistakes of millionaire bankers.

There is a set of aims that those wishing to get involved

give broad support to.

• Defend services and jobs

• No to cuts in public spending

• Oppose the privatisation of public services

• Tax the banks and financial institutions that caused the crisis. End tax avoidance by the super-rich and make them pay their fair share

• For a united campaign of public services workers, community/ voluntary organisations and service user groups to defend Glasgow’s services

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148100718555863

Email: b.smith@glasgowcityunison.co.uk


Gloucestershire Against the Cuts

Location: UK » South West » GL








Website: www.anticutsglos.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Gloucestershire-Anti-Cuts/169145176431708

Email: steve@anticutsglos.co.uk


Great Yarmouth Against Publice Service cuts

Location: UK » East of England » NR

A local campaign affiliated with Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts. Activists and concerned residents meet regularly to arrange campaign activities such as lobbying councillors and spreading the word about the alternatives to cuts.

See the facebook page for details.

Website: norfolk.unitywebring.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=134205109959188


Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services

Location: UK » London » E

Hackney Alliance was set up formally on July 14th 2010. We have had over 100 local trade union and community activists attend the first 3 meetings. We will be meeting fortnightly initially.

Massive cuts on the way for Hackney people

Following the general election in May we now have a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. Thirteen years of high public spending and undertaxing has left a legacy of a massive national debt that some calculate will be £1.4 trillion by 2014. This new government has announced their priority will be to cut this deficit. The cuts to public spending being suggested for the next few years may total over £100 billion, while it is thought some I million public sector jobs will be lost. These cuts will affect all public services from hospitals to social care, from education to transport. We already know Homerton Hospital is facing major cuts in spending.

While the first £6 billion of ‘taster cuts’ which was announced on May 24 will be painful, a much worse prospect is promised from the emergency ’50 days [after the election] budget’, on June 22.

Whether the cuts are needed or right is highly debatable but they are coming, unless we stop them, and they will affect us all, dramatically. And we, as trade unionists want to be prepared for this massive attack on our public services and to help fight and to beat it.

Website: hackneyalliance.wordpress.com

Twitter: @HackneyNoCuts

Email: hackneyalliance@hotmail.co.uk


Haringey Alliance for Public Services

Location: UK » London » N

HAPS is a network open to all those living, working or based in Haringey. We support opposition to the running down, closure or privatisation of any local public services, and support campaigning for improvements. We promote communication and co-ordination, mutual aid and solidarity among all those affected, and a wide range of tactics and initiatives towards achieving the aims.

Good public and community services, and a universal welfare system, are central to what’s good about Haringey and our lives. We all need decent health care, schools and nurseries, community centres, well-run parks and libraries, social services, affordable housing, safe and attractive neighbourhoods, jobs with good pay and conditions, and an adequate and reliable income for unwaged people.


But the Government is threatening massive cuts to local Council services, to the NHS, to public sector jobs, to Haringey’s voluntary and community sector, and to local people’s benefits. We don’t have to accept this!

Sign up for updates on these webpages and please get involved.


The Haringey Alliance for Public Services (HAPS) was set up in June 2010 by a wide range of borough-wide organisations and individuals – including residents and community networks, trade unions and political groups.

Website: www.hapsnews.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=136591443050090

Email: haps@haringey.org.uk

Telephone: 0208 211 0916


Haringey Council Joint Unions

Location: UK » London » N

We represent four major Trade Unions in the London Borough of Haringey:


We are calling on Haringey residents and workers to show their opposition to the vicious package of cuts inflicted by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government.

We are calling on our supporters to fight to defend day centres, care homes, libraries and for the future of our schools and local education services.

We are calling on Haringey councillors to join us in campaigning against central government cuts.

Website: www.condemharingeycuts.org.uk/

Email: action@condemnharingeycuts.org.uk


Harlow Against the Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » CM

Harlow based Campaign opposing the ConDems unwarrented, unjust, unfair ideolology driven policies, locally, regionally, and nationally. We are a broad left group. Our policy is to co-operate in this aim with all other like minded campaigns.

Email: harlowagainstcuts@lists.riseup.net

Telephone: Dave Foreman, Secretary: 0784 1144900


Harrogate Action

Location: UK » North East » HG

Umbrella organisation to campaign against the cuts and changes to Harrogate and Knaresborough. Join us!

Website: www.harrogateaction.org

Email: harrogateaction@gmail.com


Hastings Against The Cuts

Location: UK » South East » TN

We are an autonomous non-partisan direct action group based in Hastings that opposes the cuts.

Website: www.hastingsagainstthecuts.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hastings-Against-The-Cuts-HAC/188372037861071

Twitter: @hasnocuts

Email: hastingsagainstthecuts@gmail.com


Hastings and District Trades Council Anti Cuts Campaign

Location: UK » South East » TN

Hastings Anti Cuts Campaign, supported by the Hastings and District Trades Council.

The latest Hastings Anti Cuts Campaign had another excellent turn out for the meeting at the Unitarian Church on 15th December.

The following issues were discussed and action proposed and agreed.

The meeting agreed they were very unhappy and disgusted with the comments made by the Hastings Tory MP in the local paper in which she stated there were a lot of positive things in relation to the savage cuts proposed for Hastings, which are among the highest in the country. She supports the government attacks on public services and is obviously towing the party line. We realise we now have no one representing the people of Hastings in Parliament. Members of the campaign will lobby to get clarification of her position and report back.

The meeting gave and will continue to give full support to the student protests up and down the country and totally condemns the police brutality against the students.

UK anti cuts are to hold a protest in Hastings town centre on Saturday 18th December, this is against serial Tax dodging companies such as vodaphone and top shop. So far there have been 43 different town actions against these types of tax dodgers; this is not a nationally organised structure, its people with the same mind set taking direct action. Meet at Costa coffee 12pm

The issue of a separate web site for the campaign was raised, a web site expert was at the meeting and a working group has now been set up to take forward. In the meantime Sam Buckley will set up a Facebook page for the group.

A benefit gig is being organised in Hastings, bands have agreed to support campaign and play for free, flyers will be produced and handed out in the town centre and it’s hoped to raise Money to pay for transport and items for the national anti cuts demonstration on 26th March. Further details as soon as they have been confirmed.

The Hastings anti cuts campaign has been invited to attend two national events in the New Year. Karen Mahon and Fraser MacInnes will attend the National Shop Stewards Network conference on 22/01/2011. S. Buckley will seek further info re the Right to Work conference.

A local update was given of current issues and potential job losses in the public sector which provides 43% of all employment in Hastings and St Leonard’s. The DWP is looking at 25% cuts this means at leat 200 job losses in Ashdown House. Serious concerns were raised regarding the cuts to Hastings Council. 28% cuts over 4 years, Govt introducing propaganda to change ways of measuring, called Real Spending Power R.S.P. people were warned this is a con to make cuts look better than they are. In cash terms Hastings could be looking at eventual cuts approaching 50% which will be devastating. Redundancies are inevitable just a case of how many. Hastings Budget will be on 14th January, we know that 180 jobs will go in education.

Concerns were raises regarding privatisation in the NHS which will again lead to redundancies. £75 million savings over 4 years, which may mean 250 job loses per year.

It was agreed all this would have a disastrous effect on Hastings, it means Hastings is subsidising the other wealthy privileged councils in the South East and Hastings has been singled out to take the biggest hit. The meeting agreed we need to mobilise as a town, we need regular protests and need to engage the people of Hastings, there is a real fight ahead. The meeting agreed to carry on leafleting in the town centre every Saturday, to hold anti cuts rallies in the town centre, organise a massive petition to inform and get people involved, to have strong communication channels through web sites, social networking, the Trade Unions, and every group prepared to fight against the cuts.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_174504759233647


Health Worker’s Network

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are a group of health workers, health students and NHS supporters who are worried and angry about the government’s plans to cut, restructure and privatise our National Health Service. We are against all NHS cuts and against Andrew Lansley’s Health and Social Care bill.

Our aim is to link health workers across workplaces, across unions, and with those who are not currently in a union, to provide the pressure needed on the union leaderships to start to organise national action.

We are also bringing people together to organise local action, and build solidarity for those fighting the cuts and privatisation.

We are currently based in London but hope to expand the network to include health workers and students from all over the country.

Email us at healthworkersnetwork@gmail.com to find out how you can get involved

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_154987297895782&ap=1

Email: healthworkersnetwork@gmail.com


Hillingdon Against Cuts

Location: UK » London » UB

The group was formed in November 2010 by ex-Hillingdon Councillor Wally Kennedy and local trade unionists, along with Hillingdon Socialist Party members.

The group was set up to fight back against local government spending cuts, as well as to be part of the national campaign against cuts.

Contact us at:



Or call us on:

07789 807467 or 07746 865086

Website: hillingdonagainstcuts.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_154106624639684

Email: haccampaign@gmail.com

Telephone: 07789807467


HSBC 3 Defence Campaign

Location: UK » North East » NE

The HSBC 3 Defence Campaign is a campaign set up to defend 3 activists who were arrested in Newcastle peacefully protesting against the cuts on 18/12/10. 2 of them have subsequently been found guilty, and given fines totalling £760. This is a massive blow to the anti-cuts movement, as are all other political arrests, as a precedent has been set criminalizing direct action against the cuts. The defence campaign is appealing against this verdict.

We oppose all political policing, and the targeting and criminalization of any anti-cuts protestors. A defence fund has been set up to challenge the charges agaist the 2 activists who were convicted, and if the appeal is successful, the fund will be used for future activists who are arrested taking action against the cuts.

Defend one, Defend all! Support the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign!

Website: www.defencecampaign.wordpress.com

Email: defence.campaign@gmail.com


Hull Against the Cuts

Location: UK » North East » HU

Hull against the cuts is a campaigning group of trade unionists, students and community groups based in Hull that are organising resistance to the government cuts. Hull is likely to be hit the hardest by the cuts.

We say ordinary people should not have to pay for a crisis not of their making.

The number of millionaires in Britain is rising but this government wants the poor to pay by attacking public services like health, education and social services.

After using our taxes to pay for the banking crisis, city bankers are back on the bonus trail again. It has been estimated that £7billion in bonuses will be handed out to the top bankers. We say this is a scandal!

We will not stand aside and let this or any government dismantle the welfare state, the hospitals, the education system and the vital services that they provide for the poor, the sick the elderly, the young and the vulnerable.

We have already organised several demonstrations against the cuts. We have launched a petition calling on Hull local authority to fight the cuts which we intend to present to the city council on October 21st.

We meet fortnightly at the Unison offices, 39 Alfred Gelder Street.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143590872352907

Email: hta1@hta1.karoo.co.uk

Telephone: 0728780098


Huntingdon and St. Neots Trades Council

Location: UK » East of England » PE

Fighting the cuts in Huntingdon and St. Neots

Website: www.huntingdonandstneotstradescouncil.blogspot.com/


Isle of Wight Save Our Services

Location: UK » South East » PO

This campaign organising list was set up following the announcement of the Conservative council’s budget proposals for 2010, involving massive cuts to social care services for the most vulnerable, axing hundreds more socially useful jobs on the island.

Website: groups.yahoo.com/group/SOS_IOW/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=327595625188


Isle of Wight Stop the Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South East » PO

The Alliance has been formed following packed public meetings and brings together concerned Island residents from all walks of life.

Website: iwnocuts.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iwnocuts

Twitter: @iwnocuts

Email: iwnocuts@gmail.com


Islington – Hands Off Our Public Services Campaign

Location: UK » London » N

IHOOPS is campaigning in Islington to defend the welfare state and to prevent cuts to public services, jobs and pensions, while also campaigning for progressive alternatives.

The coalition is inclusive, independent and non-sectarian.

Website: www.ihoops.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=136819543016115

Email: secretary@ihoops.org.uk


Justice for FACS Kids 

Location: UK » National/non-regional

This is an urgent campaign that has a wider interest in the long term. It concerns the removal of legal aid from a highly vulnerable group – disabled children.  We need to get our Legal Aid restored before 20th December.

A petition has been set up by the parents of children involved in the group action against the 4th largest drug company in the world – Sanofi Aventis.  Our children have Fetal Valproate Syndrome – a condition caused by being exposed to anti-convulsant used during pregnancy to control seizures.

At the 11th hour, and after 7 years and £3 million the Legal Services Commission have refused to fund the remaining £750,000 needed to fight the case, thereby denying these children (including mine) the right to present the evidence to a Judge and to the public.

Please sign this petition on behalf my son and the other chldren – we have until 20th December to get the legal aid reinstated.


Please forward to all your friends, facebook it, do what you can.  This has implications for all other future cases – it is a test case and if it can happen to these children, then it can happen to anyone.

Also see the following link including responses to arguments against the reinstatement.


Thank you

Bernadette Keeffe


Kensington and Chelsea Anti-Cuts campaign

Location: UK » London » W

A Trade Union and community based campaign group fighting the cuts in Kensington and Chelsea.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_175314519172078&ap=1


Kirklees Save Our Services

Location: UK » North East » HD

In November 2009 Kirklees council has admitted that it is now looking at cuts in the budget of between £250 and £400 million. This will be as devastating as hurricane Katrina, but across the services provided by the council. Care for the elderly, nursery provision, local libraries, housing provision and thousands of jobs of the workers who provide many services and support us in the community.

The source of these cuts is clear – the banker’s crisis and the Labour government bail-out. This money is now being used to boost more bonuses in the City of London, but local communities and services are being told that they will have to foot the bill and make sacrifices. This is totally unacceptable and we need to begin a fight back.

Since Novemer some cuts have already been made, but much more is to come after the General Election in May 2010

A succesfull campaign against these cuts canl not succeed if we each fight our individual battles, as the council rolls out its plans, cutting one service and then another, removing one job and then later another; effectively isolating each of us. To fight the cuts we all need to join together. This drip-drip of these cuts has already begun. At a meeting on 22nd October, the council announced capital spending will drop from £194m this year to £88m in 2015/16 and highways spending will drop from £27.6m to £15.4m.

We are therefore calling aon all those who concerned about the impending cuts and want to protect services to join our campaign

Save Our Services Stands For:

No cuts in Services and Pay

No to Job Losses

No to Closures

No to Privatisation, Keep Services Public

Make Services Accountable to the Community

No fat-cat directors, Stop waste on Consultancy Fees

Website: kirkleessos.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=168095789867183

Email: ed@kirklees-sos.org


Lambeth Right to Work

Location: UK » London » SE

Local supporters of Right to Work, building a network of campaigners, trade unionists and students across Lambeth to resist the cuts and beat the Tories, through demonstrations, occupations and strikes.

Website: www.lambethunited.org

Email: LambethAgainstCuts@gmail.com


Lambeth Save our Services

Location: UK » London » SW

Lambeth Save Our Services is an umbrella group of local trade unionists, community organisations and students formed in 2010 to oppose cuts in jobs and services. Lambeth’s Labour council is now set to make cuts of £40 million, one-sixth of its 2011-12 budget. But we intend to resist every single cut to services, jobs, benefits and pensions, and every single rise in rents, tuition fees and taxes for working class people. SOS opposes the privatisation of any public service, and aims to build grassroots campaigns based on workers and service users.

SOS is not dominated or controlled by any political organisation, and welcomes any individuals or organisations that agree with the above aims. We hold open organising meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Hope to see you there!

Website: lambethsaveourservices.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Lambeth-Save-our-Services/160889903941930

Twitter: @LambethSOS

Email: lambethsaveourservices@gmail.com


Lancaster and Morecambe Against the Cuts!

Location: UK » North West » LA

We are a coalition of local people fighting to defend our public services, jobs and communities. Our launch rally attracted around 300 supporters from all walks of life, and was held on town hall steps as an emergency response on the day the scale of these cutbacks were revealed in late October 2010.

Local community campaigners, trades unionists, city councillors and many individuals and groups affected by these cuts have now joined together to support the campaign and do something about it!

Please join in and help us!

You can usually find us at our campaigning stall in Lancaster’s Market Square on a Saturday afternoon between 11am and 2pm. Do drop by for a chat, find information and resources, meet other people who want to help. There are also regular gatherings of people who want to plan and carry out campaigning.

We welcome ideas for campaigns, especially if you or your families are being hit by the Con-Dem governments cuts. And we will be holding plenty of events you can join in – from public meetings in local halls and community centers, information and help sessions, outdoor rallies, marches and protests, mass leafleting – and much more – as we step up the fight against these cuts.

Past generations have struggled against inequality and injustice, in their trades unions and movements for civil rights and even for the right to vote. This is how we won the welfare state and other basic rights for ordinary working people.  Now a new generation must once again take up the fight for equality and justice.

Website: www.lmatc.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=133073206741907


Leeds Against The Cuts

Location: UK » North East » LS

Leeds Against the Cuts was set up by the Leeds Trades Council to create the broadest, active unity to oppose these destructive, unfair cuts.

Our fortnightly meetings are open to activists not just from affiliated trade unions but student campaigns, anti-cuts groups, unemployed and pensioner groups, community organisations and Labour Party branches.

We meet every second Thursday, the meeting is open to all those against the cuts

Website: www.leedsagainstthecuts.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Leeds-Against-The-Cuts/122173684502706


Leeds Coalition of Resistance

Location: UK » North East » LS

Leeds Coalition of Resistance is a network of anti-cuts activists in Leeds who support the formation of a Coalition of Resistance in response to the impending attacks on our jobs and public services announced by the ConDem government. We agree with the CoR founding statement as set out by Tony Benn in The Guardian.

We believe that there needs to be coalition of all anti-cuts groups if we are to defend our jobs and services. We need national demonstrations and other co-ordinated action and we hope that the upcoming Coalition of Resistance conference on 27th November will make this possible.

We are organised in Leeds Against the Cuts, the anti-cuts groups and the two universities and also the hospital anti-cuts group and don’t seek to replace any of these. We have formed this network to help build a national coalition, starting with getting as many people as possible down to London for the conference.

This website is all about the cuts and the resistance in Leeds and further afield and if you have anything to contribute or if you want to get involved then please get in touch.

The bosses and the bankers have their cuts coalition – the government! – so we need to build one of our own.

Website: coalitionofresistance-leeds.org.uk


Leeds Trades Union Council

Location: UK » North East » LS

Leeds Trades Union Council bring together local affiliate trade union branches to campaign around issues affecting working people in their workplaces and local communities. Trades union councils generally aim to: Raise public awareness of rights at work and the union role in enforcing those rights; Promote organising and recruitment drives to build union membership; Support union and community campaigns for dignity and respect in the workplace and beyo

Website: www.leeds-tuc.org.uk/


Leicestershire Against the Cuts

Location: UK » East Midlands » LE

Leicestershire Against the Cuts is a coalition of trade unions, community organisations, political activists and concerned individuals united against cuts in public services. We are fighting the ideologically driven and potentially devastating Conservative-Lib Dem cuts.

There is a smarter way. Fight the Cuts.

Website: leicestershireagainstthecuts.org.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137397392946438


Lewes Stop the Cuts

Location: UK » South East » BN

Lewes Stop the Cuts seeks to organise individuals, trade unions, charities, students and community groups affected by the assault on our public services caused by Con-Dem cuts.  We will fight all cuts and oppose privatisation of our public services in and around Lewes and nationally.

Website: lewesstopthecuts.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/home.php?sk=group_129870227072859&ap=1

Email: lewesstopthecuts@gmail.com

Telephone: 07989 331439


Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » London » SE

The campaign is an alliance of individuals and organisations that are opposed to all cuts in services and jobs in Lewisham. The alliance aims to campaign with service users, unions, and community groups to prevent these cuts. We are against the privatisation of any public services.

The alliance believes that campaigns must be based on the grassroots workers and service users affected by these cuts. We encourage all workers – employed and unemployed, to join a trade union and participate in union activities. We aim to promote equality, we are against racism and all forms of discrimination, and resist all forces which seek to foster division in our communities and workplaces.

The alliance seeks to promote the linking up of anti cuts campaigns, union campaigns, and trades council activity, so that anti-cuts campaigning can be coordinated locally and regionally to maximise effectiveness, and solidarity between workers and users in different services affected by the cuts.

The alliance is not dominated or controlled by any political organisation, and welcomes any individuals or organisations that agree with the above aims.

Website: laca.org.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=151507044863124

Email: lewishamanticutsalliance@gmail.com

Telephone: 07903 755074


Lincoln & District Trades Council

Location: UK » East Midlands » LN

The Lincoln & District Trades’ Union Council is the umbrella organisation of trade unions in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143611979029053&num_event_invites=0#!/group.php?gid=272367206765

Email: lincolntuc@gmail.com

Telephone: 07793682201


Lincoln Stop the Cuts

Location: UK » East Midlands » LN

Broad group set up by Lincoln & District Trades Council to bring together campaigners to oppose the cuts. The draft statement is:

• To be open to all those in the Lincoln area who want to oppose cuts, but to also work with those against cuts in the county, region, country, and across the world.

• To seek to unite all people who want to oppose cuts, regardless of their gender, religion, disability, sexuality, race or age. To oppose all forms of oppression.

• To oppose all cuts in jobs, services, pay, pensions, and benefits, and tuition fees in the short, medium and long term.

The group has an elected steering committee consisting of eight members, two of these are Union representatives.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143611979029053&num_event_invites=0#!/home.php?sk=group_170738382955498

Email: lincolntuc@gmail.com

Telephone: 07793682201


London Anti Cuts Space

Location: UK » London » WC


We’ have occupied a university space at 11 Bedford Square. For the duration of our stay here it will be run as the Anti-Cuts Space London.  Come along anytime as either individuals or groups to organise and co-ordinate direct actions, strategy and the build up to March 26th.

Website: anticutsspace.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @anticutsspace

Email: anticutsspacelondon@gmail.com


Lowestoft Coalition Against the Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » NR

We are growing. Leafletting every Saturday 1100hrs – 1300hrs outside the

Britten Centre. Mobilising support to stop closure of Oulton Broad Library.

Well attended Rally 2nd March, taking names for coaches to London 26th

March. Planning to attend public meeting with Tory MP Peter Aldous on 18th

March, if he doesn’t cancel it again.

Update: Tory MP Peter Aldous cancelled the public meeting on the cuts that he had

agreed to, inviting us to send a delegation of not more than 6 people to his

constituency office for a ‘private’ meeting instead. About 30 of us turned

up, and 6 went in to hand over a letter rejecting this and calling on him to

go ahead with a public meeting.

The 3 coaches booked for 26th March are now full, and Unite have booked a

4th coach. About 200 people from Lowestoft will be joining the March for the

Alternative, places still available on 4th coach.

Next meeting of the campaign group will be on Tuesday 5th April at 7.30pm at

the United Reform Church, London Road North, Lowestoft, all supporters


Email: richard_chilvers@sky.com

Telephone: 01502 574010


Maidstone Coalition of Resistance

Location: UK » South East » ME

A local subdivision of the national Coalition of Resistance, aimed at forming a Maidstone-specific campaign and empowering people in the area who would otherwise be unable to protest.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Maidstone-Coalition-of-Resistance-Against-Cuts-and-Privatisation/174009379293081

Email: MaidstoneAntiCuts@gmail.com


Maldon Against Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » CM

To fight against central and local government cuts effecting the people of the Maldon District in Essex

Website: www.maldonagainstcuts.org


Manchester Anti Cuts

Location: UK » North West » M

Our groups consists of people with many different opinions on the cuts and the way we should go forward. We aren’t a random group of people but have formed this group as we share some beliefs and understandings on this issue. However, nobody knows the answers and we are committed to working through these questions and coming up with answers together.

Here is our shared ethos/politics so far:

• The attacks on our quality of life are not inevitable, they can be stopped.

• They aren’t essential, many of the cuts wont “save money” but only serve to attack the poor. The cuts are a political attack by the Conservatives with the Liberal Democrats supporting them. There are no underserving poor.

• We are not all in it together. We didn’t cause this crisis and neither will we pay for it or suggest where cuts should be made.

• Whilst companies such as Vodafone are suffering less from the cuts than working people this issue goes beyond single companies.

• We are for direct action and for reclaiming our own power. We cant rely on those implementing the cuts to stop them. The poll tax was beaten by ordinary people resisting it.

• We are committed to outreach and letting people know that there are are alternatives and how they can get involved with us or set up their own groups.

Website: manchesteranticuts.wordpress.com

Email: manchesteranticuts@gmail.com


Manchester Coalition Against Cuts

Location: UK » North West » M

Manchester-wide coalition launched at a conference on 29th January called by Manchester Trades Union Council. Manchester Coalition Against Cuts aims to bring together trade unions, community organisations, students and youth to resist the attacks on jobs and services in Manchester and throughout the UK.

MCAC is committed:

• supporting all campaigns against cuts and privatisation

• opposing any attempt to use racism to divide opposition to cuts

• establishing a network of activists and organisations opposed to cuts whose

first meeting will take place as soon as possible

• mobilising the largest possible numbers to the TUC demonstration on Saturday 26 March

• calling on all councillors to oppose all cuts

Email: coalitionagainstcuts@gmail.com

Telephone: 07813591192


Manchester Trades Union Council

Location: UK » North West » M

Manchester Trades Union Council has been organising widely to ensure a broad movement against the cuts in Manchester.

The Trades Council is also providing transport to the March 26th demonstration specifically aimed at communities that would otherwise be un-represented

The Council meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month 7pm at the Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD

Please check our webside for up to the minute information

Website: www.manchestertuc.org


Manchester UNITE Action Committee

Location: UK » North West » M

Manchester City Council UNITE branch is meeting weekly on Mondays at Friends Meeting House to organise campaigns against the cuts in Manchester City Council and to provide a forum for commuity based campaigns to share information and ideas

Website: www.unite4manchester.org.uk/


Manchester – Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts

Location: UK » North West » M

This is the Manchester branch of BARAC – to get involved and receive information about forthcoming meetings and campaign activities get in touch with the Manchester joint chair of BARAC Colette Williams.

Black Activist’s Rising Against Cuts. BARAC UK campaign statement.

About the campaign

We are a new coalition of black public and voluntary sector workers, trade

unionists, community organisations, service users and concerned individuals

whose aim is to create a critical mass of opposition to the Government plans

to cut vital services and sack thousands of public sector workers including

many black workers across the country.

This campaign is determined to defend both jobs and services. In the face of

the most draconian cuts to public sector spending since the 2nd World War,

it is important that Black communities including public sector workers,

trade unions, community third sector organisations and service users come

together to defend black communities from complete economic and social


With African, Caribbean, Asian and ethnic minority communities constituting

some of the poorest sections of British society, any disproportionate cuts

to national, regional or local services will have devastating effects.

Our communities already suffer the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in the UK. Racism in the labour market has resulted in a large majority of those in employment, working in either the public or voluntary sectors. Both provide key services to vulnerable members of our communities.

The recent budget announcements will have a greatly magnified and

disproportionate impact on black workers, black service users and black


The cuts will lead to black workers being the target of redundancies and pay

freezes which in reality will be a pay cut, widening the existing

unacceptable pay gap between black and white workers.

Those who are left with jobs will face more pressure to deliver with reduced


Service users will experience difficulties accessing reduced

facilities/services from overburdened staff. In some instances vital

services will be cut altogether further entrenching economic deprivation.

Black people experience racism in all aspects of life. Acute racism has led

to occupational segregation and unacceptable high unemployment rates in

black communities. The proposed public sector cuts will further entrench

poverty and act as a catalyst leading to further socio-economic deprivation,

social disorganisation and deeply alienated communities.

Who we are

This is a joint initiative organised by Zita Holbourne, a member of the

Public and Commercial Services Union National Executive Committee and TUC

Race Relations Committee and Lee Jasper, Political Advisor to the 1990


The four main objectives of the campaign are:

• To campaign and defend jobs and services.

• To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of

the huge reduction of public spending on deprived communities in particular

black communities.

• To provide a campaigning platform to fight against cuts

in jobs and services including on any adverse, disproportionate impact on

black workers and communities.

• To work in partnership and build alliances with others

facing and fighting similar attacks.

For more information and to get involved contact:



Tel Lee Jasper


07984181797 Zita Holbourne



Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001904338884

Email: baracmanchester@hotmail.co.uk


Medway Against the Cuts

Location: UK » South East » ME

To fight all cuts and privatisation in public services that have a detrimental effect on the lives of ordinary people

Facebook: medway against the cuts

Email: medway-against-the-cuts@live.co.uk

Telephone: 07910 202978 01634 318166 01634 723543


Milton Keynes Coalition of Resistance

Location: UK » East of England » MK

We commit ourselves to:

• Oppose cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services.

• Fight rising unemployment and support organisations of unemployed people.

• Develop and support an alternative programme for economic and social recovery.

• Oppose all proposals to “solve” the crisis through racism and scapegoating.

• Organise information, meetings, conferences, marches and demonstrations.

• Support the development of a national co-ordinating coalition of resistance.

Join us in the fight for our lives!

Working together in solidarity against the cuts in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Website: mkcor.blogspot.com

Email: MKCoR@mail.com

Telephone: 07884448550


National Coalition for Independent Action

Location: UK » National/non-regional

NCIA is an alliance of organisations and individuals who have come together out of frustration and anger to object to the state of the UK voluntary and community sectors. We believe there is a crisis in our ability to act independently from Government and other powerful interests, and to be part of the checks we need in our democracy. This threat to independent action will, unless challenged, undermine our civil society, our political health, and the capacity of communities to get what they need for themselves.

Cuts, privatising public services, commissioning replacing grants, voluntary agencies being run like businesses, managers who don’t understand the front line work, nonsensical targets…

If you’re feeling angry, you’re not alone!

Website: http://www.independentaction.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NCIA/281262022621

Email: rachael@independentaction.net

Telephone: 020 8536 3828


National Shop Stewards Network

Location: UK » National/non-regional

At our conference this weekend we have agreed to set up a national campaign against ALL cuts, this is alongside our ongoing work of building the Shop stewards movement.

Shop stewards and workplace representatives from across Britain came together in July 2007 to launch the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN). The Network’s founding conference resolved to rebuild the strength of our working-class movement from the bottom up by creating local, regional and national networks to put elected reps and shop stewards from different unions in permanent contact with each other. We have subsequently held two further conferences, which have gone from strength to strength, as well as organising local events.

Organising mutual solidarity when trade unions are in dispute will be at the heart of our work. We will also share information to develop ways of successfully resisting attacks on our union rights, jobs, pay, conditions and pensions. We aim to build a movement that can help sweep the anti-union laws off the books and make them inoperable in the meantime.

Bringing new blood into our movement is vital so the NSSN will encourage younger workers, agency and migrant workers to join their unions, organise in their workplaces and become reps themselves.

Website: http://www.shopstewards.net/

Facebook: acebook.com/pages/NSSN-Fighting-Cuts-Privatisation/163493090345091

Email: info@showstewards.net


Newbury and District Anticuts

Location: UK » South East » RG

Supporting action against unnecessary and ideological public service cuts, opportunistic privatisations and inequitable taxation.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_121803231216256

Email: newbury.anticuts@groups.facebook.com


Newham – Save Newham Services

Location: UK » London » E

Everyone seems to be talking about the prospect of imminent cuts, but what will they actually mean in practice?

What impact will local people suffer when cuts hit services for children and young people, or for people needing advice? What are the implications for those who are in substandard housing, suffering domestic violence or who are dependent upon social care? What are the consequences for council and NHS staff, many of whom are also local residents?

On 13 October 2010, a meeting at Durning Hall Community Centre discussed the impact of cuts in public services and on services delivered by voluntary groups. The result was the establishment of the ‘Save Newham Services’ campaign.

The campaign brings together voluntary and community organisations, trade unionists, students and local people concerned about the consequences of the government’s devastating cuts in public services. Meetings are open to anyone willing to help organise opposition in Newham to these cuts.

The ‘Save Newham Services’ campaign aims to:

• Publicise, encourage, support and provide solidarity to local opposition to cuts in the London Borough of Newham.

• Provide a point of contact and coordination for local opposition to cuts in the borough.

• Research and publicise the potential impact of cuts on people living in Newham.

• Put pressure on local elected representatives to stand alongside local people to insist that cutting services is dangerous, unnecessary and must be opposed.

• Ensure that our local experience is fed upwards to all regional and national opposition to the government’s cuts programme.

• Call for greater transparency and accountability within public services in Newham.

Website: savenewhamservices.wordpress.com


No Cuts for Kids

Location: UK » National/non-regional

No Cuts For Kids is a campaign to ensure that Sure Start Children’s Centres continue to serve all our children.

Website: nocutsforkids.wordpress.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/No-Cuts-For-Kids/100923793324218

Twitter: @nocutsforkids

Email: louise@nocutsforkids.org


Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » NR

*We seek to build broad based alliances in the major communities of Norfolk involving all trade unions representing members in the public sector, Trades Councils, campaigning, community & welfare groups, school councils and other organisations representing young people

*We seek to form a Steering Group with representatives from all of the above to take forward the campaign

*Priority task to build support for a credible alternative to the Coalition Government’s policy of public spending cuts

*We agree a core Statement of Aims that we ask other Trade Unions and organisations to addto and support

*We seek to promote a positive image of Public Services and Public Service workers to counter the negative propaganda of the Government and its supporters in the media

*We seek to hold a series of meetings in identified communities in Norfolk to build the Alliance

*We seek to develop practical and meaningful solidarity to support campaigns and actions in opposition to the cuts in our communities

*We welcome the support of any political organisations and politicians that are prepared to oppose (in words and deeds) cuts in public spending

*That we develop a Communications and Media strategy to promote our ideas

*Commitment to universal public services for all regardless of ability to pay without discrimination

*Recognition of the crucial social and economic value of Public Services and public sector jobs to the communities of Norfolk

*Opposition to all public spending cuts

*Effective action to close the Tax Gap and ensure the wealthiest in society pay their fair share of taxes

*Commitment to maintenance of ‘Face-to-face’ and local services

*Opposition to job cuts, service delivery cuts and closures

*Opposition to privatisation or outsourcing of public services

*Opposition to cuts in Welfare benefits

*Opposition to the scapegoating of minorities for unemployment and strains on services.

Website: norfolkcoalitionagainstcuts.org


North Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South West » EX

North Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance has been set up to unite everyone who wants to campaign against these unfair and unnecessary cuts to essential services.

Website: northdevonanticuts.wordpress.com

Email: devonanticuts@gmail.com


North East Shop Stewards’ Network

Location: UK » North East » NE

The North East Shop Stewards Network was formed in spring 2008. Elected stewards, reps, safety reps, branch officers, lay regional, national and executive members and trades council delegates are welcome. Union and campaign activists who do not hold an elected union position, and full-time union officials, can join our email list, which currently includes over 250 people.

We organise conferences, workshops and events relevant to organising at work, and we believe that

• every voice has a right to be heard and respected

• activists from different political traditions (or none) need to work together

• we need to learn from history, to avoid repeating mistakes

• we need to save today’s activists from having to reinvent the wheel

• we believe that the bosses should pay for their crisis, and not the working class.

We also

• provide accurate information by email and website

• link trade union activists in different unions across the region

• help to rebuild trades councils and county organisations

• promote solidarity and unity in action, especially in support of workers in struggle

• fight for trade union freedom and against anti-union laws

• raise the issues of political trade unionism and the crisis of working class political representation

Website: http://www.nessn.org.uk

Email: nessnsec@gmail.com


North Staffs Against Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » ST

North Staffs Against Cuts is a united campaign against ALL cuts in the North Staffs area.

Email: northstaffsagainstcuts@gmail.com

Telephone: 07817772531


North Wales Against Cuts

Location: UK » Wales » LL

Don’t make the victims pay for this economic crisis

If you were burgled, how would you feel about having to pay the thief? That’s what’s happening to ordinary people after the bankers robbed us blind in their money-making spree of the last decade. We’ve had to bail them out and now we’re expected to pay with pay freezes, tax rises, cuts in services and job losses. That’s not on!

North Wales Against Cuts is an independent group of trade unionists and campaigners that want to unite everyone locally against the coming cuts.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117965788249817

Email: nwagainstcuts@gmail.com

Telephone: 07747 792 441


Northampton Against The Cuts

Location: UK » East Midlands » NN

An information and rallying point for all organisations who want to fight the cuts and develop alternatives.

Please join us and send in facts about cuts, details of events and links to resources.

There is a smarter way to fight the cuts.

Website: http://www.againstthecuts.blogspot.com/


Northampton Alliance to Defend Public Services

Location: UK » East Midlands » NN

NADS developed after Northampton TUC public sector group ran a well attended public meeting before Xmas and invited audience members to attend an open meeting to take campaigning against the cuts forward.

It now meets regularly, and is about to hold a public meeting with NTUC on the 20th Jan with Mark Serwotka PCS and Tracey Morel Autism Concern as key speakers.

It works in conjunction with NTUC and hopes to get more members of the local community involved. Future events involve more stalls, leaflets, a march and rally and demos at County Council and Borough Council meetings to finalise cuts budgets.

Website: http://www.againstthecuts.blogspot.com/

Email: secretary@ntuc.org.uk

Telephone: 01604709757


Northern Ireland Public Services Alliance

Location: UK » Northern Ireland » BT

The Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (NIPSA) represents over 45,000 members from across the civil and public services and the voluntary sector. NIPSA members can be found in a wide variety of jobs from architects to zoologist and all grades and professions within.

Website: http://www.nipsa.org.uk

Email: info@nipsa.org.uk


Northern Public Services Alliance

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The Northern Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Campaign to protect public services

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Protect public sector employment

* Build coalitions with public service users

We have 11 local coalitions campaigning across the North East of England and Cumbria. For more information about the NPSA campaign and coalition co-ordinators please contact Melanie Lowden or Neil Foster at the Northern TUC.

Website: http://www.tuc.org.uk/northern

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: mlowden@tuc.org.uk

Telephone: 0191 227 5551


Notts Save Our Services

Location: UK » East Midlands » NG

Notts SOS was launched on 29th September 2010. We want to oppose cuts to services, job losses and cuts in benefits. We aim to support workers organisations, service users, community groups in fighting cuts in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. We hope to inspire confidence to think, meet and act. And to be inspired.

Website: nottssos.org.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129772307075242

Email: nottssos@gmail.com

Telephone: 07940 952 825


Notts Trades Union Council

Location: UK » East Midlands » NG

Notts TUC unites trade union branches across the county to oppose the Tory-led government cuts. All Notts Trade Union branches are encouraged to affiliate and attend our meetings. We are affiliated to, and active in, Notts Save our Services.

Website: http://www.nottstuc.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NottsTUC

Twitter: @NottsTUC

Email: nottstc@gmail.com


Notts Uncut

Location: UK » East Midlands » NG

Residents and Students from across Nottingham are sayin “no!” to the cuts. We have the money to save vital services! We just have to get it back off the tax dodgers…

Website: http://www.nottsuncut.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001942436366#!/profile.php?id=100001942436366

Twitter: @nottsuncut

Email: nottsuncutaction@gmail.com


Nuneaton Against The Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » CV

a local community group organised with local trade unionist, socialists and members of the community committed to fighting the cuts and telling our Labour council that there is an alternative to simply carrying out Tory cuts

Website: nuneatonagainstthecuts.tumblr.com/

Email: nuneatonagainstthecuts@hotmail.co.uk


Nuneaton Against The Cuts!

Location: UK » West Midlands » CV

This is a group for people in Nuneaton and the surrounding areas who will be affected by the proposed cuts to welfare, jobs, public services and education. Now is the time to stand up, now is the time to be heard. If we work together we can make our voices heard!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/home.php?sk=group_123769117686237&ap=1

Email: fastgirl27@hotmail.co.uk


Oxford Save Our Services

Location: UK » South East » OX

Oxford Save Our Services is an open group of Oxford residents defending our public services. We are concerned that the unprecedented cuts to public services, as proposed by the coalition government, will cause irreversible damage to our community and disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable.

Join the campaign to:

• learn why, where and how these cuts will fall

• discover why these cuts aren’t needed

• meet others in our community

• and take action against these cuts.

We call on all members of community groups, faith groups, unions, voluntary sector organisations, and Oxford residents to join us. If you’ve never done anything like this before, don’t worry, neither have we. Now is the time to join together and make a stance!

Read our case study.

Website: http://www.oxfordsos.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=114358035278199

Email: jimcranshaw@yahoo.co.uk


Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South East » OX

An alliance of trades unions, campaigns and community groups representing thousands of people across Oxfordshire who are opposed to cuts in public services, jobs, pay and pensions which will damage Oxfordshire’s economy irreparably.

Website: oxfordshireanticutsalliance.org.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=160972127265494

Email: g.little@odtuc.org.uk


PCS – Save Our Cultural Assets

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Cuts in the Culture, Media and Sports Sector, announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review, will have a devastating effect on the artistic and cultural heritage of the country.

It is completely irresponsible to cut funding in this area when you consider that:

• Heritage Tourism contributes £20.6 billion a year supporting a total of 466,000 jobs

• Overseas visitors make 10 million trips to the UK each year, with 4 in 10 citing heritage as the primary reason.

•  Every £1 of taxpayer’s money spent on culture generates £2 to the UK economy

• Sport contributes £16 billion to our economy annually

• Funding sport generates long term economic value in terms of avoided health costs and improved quality of life.

Cutting jobs, services and funding at this time risks both the vitality of the sector and will have a significant impact on local and national economies.

PCS fully understands the importance of a vibrant and thriving arts scene and seeks to work with other organisations to highlight this and the contribution our members make to the UK economy.

We launched a “Save Our Cultural Assets” campaign in October and as part of that campaign we have set up an e-petition asking people to sign up to our statement in support of public funding for the arts.

We would really appreciate your support and ask that you complete the petition which can be found at:  http://www.gopetition.com/petition/39378.html

Website: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/39378.html

Email: src@pcs.org.uk


Peterborough Against Cuts & Tuition Fees | PACT |

Location: UK » East of England » PE

We are protesting in solidarity with our friends from the Peterborough Trade Union Council, the Huntingdon Trade Union Council and the Peterborough Sixth Form Union to raise awareness of this great national crisis.

UNIVERSITIES and HE COLLEGES are facing an 80% CUT.

To fill this hole in funding universities are now allowed to raise fees up to £9,000.

EMA will soon be ABOLISHED.

AIMHIGHER is being ABOLISHED hitting the poorest hardest.







We have two currents events scheduled:



Website: pact4peebo.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peterborough-Against-Cuts-Tuition-Fees-PACT-/188283001181807?v=wall

Email: pact4peebo@live.co.uk

Telephone: 07530882563


Peterborough Sixth Form Union

Location: UK » East of England » PE

The Peterborough Sixth Form Union (PSFU) is an association of all the sixth firm and year 11 students across peterborough. We are dedicated to representing the interests of our members and tackling local political apathy.

Website: http://www.psfu.org.uk

Email: Info@psfu.org.uk


Plymouth Fightback Against the Cuts

Location: UK » South West » PL

Umbrella organisation of anti-cuts campaigns and protests in the Plymouth area, organised by Plymouth Trades Union Council. Petitions, actions, marches and protests available at http://www.plymouth-tuc.org.uk or Facebook

Website: http://www.plymouth-tuc.org.uk

Facebook: Plymouth Fightback Against the Cuts

Twitter: @TonyStaunton

Email: secretary@plymouth-tuc.org.uk

Telephone: 07803620390


Portsmouth Against The Cuts Together

Location: UK » South East » PO

Portsmouth Against the Cuts Together (PACT) was formed a a public meeting on 18 November 2010 to fight back against the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government’s austerity agenda in Portsmouth.  It seems clear that these cuts are an ideologically-motivated attack on working people, the poor and public provision.

The government stands with the rich, the banks and the major corporations in seeking to make ordinary people pay for a economic crisis they did not create. The campaign brings together trade unionists, community campaigners, students, working class activists, pensioners, concerned citizens and many others resisting cuts in local services, jobs and education.

The people who will be hit hardest by these cuts are children, the elderly and the disabled who are going to lose the specialised services that many rely on. Only maximum unity can defeat this outrageous attack on the welfare state and ordinary peoples standard of living.

Website: portsmouthact.wordpress.com

Email: portsmouthact@live.co.uk


Precarious Workers Brigade

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are a growing group of precarious workers in culture & education. We call out in solidarity with all those struggling to make a living in this climate of instability and enforced austerity. We come together not to defend what was, but to demand, create and reclaim:

EQUAL PAY: no more free labour; guaranteed income for all

FREE EDUCATION: all debts and future debts cancelled now

DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS: cut unelected, unaccountable and unmandated leaders

THE COMMONS: shared ownership of space, ideas, and resources

Join us to learn, create & struggle together!

The Precarious Workers Brigade is affiliated with the Carrotworkers’ Collective http://carrotworkers.wordpress.com/

Website: precariousworkersbrigade.tumblr.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=611156733#!/pages/Precarious-Workers-Brigade/141280222587808

Email: precariousworkersbrigade@gmail.com


Preston Against Cuts

Location: UK » North West » PR

Preston Against Cuts (PAC) is a community based campaign launched at a public rally held by Preston and South Ribble Trades Union Council against the Government’s vicious attack on the public sector. This attack has a devastating impact on jobs and services in the public, private and voluntary sector and effects the lives of thousands of people living in Preston.

PAC brings together local trade unionists, community activists and others committed to protecting public services. It is non-sectarian and unaligned to any political party. It is united in opposing the Government’s proposed cuts and gives the people of Preston the power to fight back and defend services so many lives depend on.

We aim to raise awareness of the true devastation the cuts will have on our community in Preston. The impact will be worse than in the 1980s and will be closer to the great depression of the 1930s as the welfare state is dismantled forever around us. The rich will get richer why the poor get poorer but there is a real alternative. £120 billion the money already owed in tax from companies such as Vodapone should be collected. This would stop the loss of vital public services and prevent thousands of job losses.

We want to involve all local people in fighting the cuts – only by building a mass movement against them – will we be able to prevent them going ahead.

Website: http://www.prestonagainstcuts.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Preston-Against-Cuts/106970736040005

Email: prestonagainstcuts@gmail.com


Protect The Frontline

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The Learning Disability Coalition has been fighting cuts since 2007. Now with widespread spending cuts,  local authorities are facing tough decisions about how to allocate their money and people with a learning disability and their families who are frightened that they are going to lose the care and support that they need to live their lives. The Learning Disability Coalition is fighting to protect essential frontline services for people with a learning disability. Without vital frontline support they would be facing cuts in their lives. Now more than ever, it is critically important that we protect the frontline.

Website: http://www.learningdisabilitycoalition.org.uk/the_story_so_far.asp

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LearningDisabilityCoalition

Twitter: @http://twitter.com/LDCoalition

Email: LDC@learningdisabilitycoalition.org.uk

Telephone: 020 7696 5574


Public Services Alliance (Allerdale & Copeland)

Location: UK » North West » CA

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: Lynda.Stephenson@bcms.rpa.gsi.gov.uk


Public Services Alliance (Barrow)

Location: UK » North West » LA

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: debhamilton@unionplus.net

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Carlisle, Eden & Penrith)

Location: UK » North West » CA

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: david.berry@rpa.gsi.gov.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Durham)

Location: UK » North East » DH

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: P.chapman2@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Newcastle)

Location: UK » North East » NE

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa


Public Services Alliance (North Tyneside)

Location: UK » North East » NE

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: c.syme@unision.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Northumberland)

Location: UK » North East » NE

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: A.Martin2@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (South Tyneside)

Location: UK » North East » NE

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: g.taylor@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Sunderland)

Location: UK » North East » SR

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: h.finkill@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Public Services Alliance (Teeside)

Location: UK » North East » TS

The Public Services Alliance is a trade union-led organisation formed to:

* Promote alternatives to public spending cuts

* Campaign to protect public services

* Build Coalitions with public service users

* Protect public sector employment

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/northernpsa

Email: m.hill@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 0191 2323175


Queer Resistance

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Queer Resistance is an independent collective of queers and allies across the UK coming together to fight the cuts.  Our members include lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer folk as well as many friends and allies.

The group aims to bring together individuals from the widest possible range of backgrounds, united in their commitment to resist the cuts, which are already hitting the most vulnerable members in our society, including many from the LGBTQ communities. It also acts to raise awareness of the impact of the Government’s plans as well as providing a support group for the LGBTQ community and unifying like-minded individuals, working with anti-cuts groups, existing LGBTQ groups and other organisations from across the UK and beyond in the fight for the alternative.

It also aims to challenge the common portrayal of the LGBTQ community as part of a wealthy and influential professional elite, when in reality many are often economically and socially disadvantaged members of UK society.

Our key aims:

• Provide a support group for LGBTQ people that want to go on anti-funding cuts marches and demonstrations while also giving more visibility to LGBTQ communities;

• Protest in solidarity with other groups and organisations across the UK and beyond;

• Highlight how LGBTQ communities are and will be affected by the cuts to public in general;

• Raise awareness of the cuts in LGBTQ communities to ensure they fully understand how their families, friends and neighbourhoods will be affected.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/qresistance

Twitter: @https://twitter.com/queerresistance

Email: queerresistance@lists.riseup.net


Queers Against the Cuts

Location: UK » National/non-regional

For all LGBTQ in taking action against the ConDem cuts

Website: http://www.left-front-art.org

Email: mabuse@mabuse.plus.com

Telephone: 07858261354


Reading Save Our Services

Location: UK » South East » RG

Reading SOS is for everyone concerned about the impact of the government’s spending cuts on their community, their family or their job.

We are a broad coalition of those who rely on or support good public services and those who work to supply them.

Reading SOS supporters want to build the broadest possible movement that can prevent cuts to public services, employment and living standards.

After robbing us blind in dodgy ‘expenses claims’, our politicians gave £850 billion of our money to the banks that caused the global financial crisis in the first place.

The same banks that have now returned to making £billions in profits and paying £millions in bonuses to their top brass.

Instead of asking these banks to repay this kindness, it is ordinary workers that are expected to pay for it. We’re set to lose £81 billion worth of vital public services.

‘Non-essential, non-frontline’ things like education funding, care and support for the vulnerable, publically accountable healthcare and affordable housing. ‘Non-essential, non-frontline’ things like 1 million jobs and support for those made unemployed.

Never mind that the super rich owe us £120 billion in unpaid taxes. We are told to pay, again and again.

The government’s cuts are unfair, risk the fragile economic recovery and fail to make those who caused the crash pay a proper contribution through the tax system to clearing up the mess they made.

Reading SOS recognise that there will be many diverse people opposed to service cuts. Not all will agree on every aspect or share the same priorities.

We welcome and respect this diversity, but also believe that we will be most effective when we work together, share information and pool resources to everybody’s mutual benefit .

SOS Reading will grow and develop with your participation, but we launch with these initial objectives:

• To gather and map information and personal testimony about the cuts and their effects

• To show that there are alternative economic approaches

• To provide resources and tools for campaigners.

• To co-ordinate effective action to prevent public service cuts.

Reading SOS came about through discussions between local trade union activists and community campaigners. Out of this a public meeting was held in September 2010 to create the campaign.

Since then the campaign has been organised by open meetings each month, with everyone present having a voice and a vote.

We are deeply grateful for early support from the RMT Reading branch, NUT Wokingham division, Unison regional management and West Berkshire Health branch, Reading Trades Union Council, Unite Bracknell branch, Reading Shop Stewards Network, IWW Reading branch, Defend Our Community Services in Bracknell and many other local businesses and individuals.

We are now seeking further funding and support in the form of affiliations, and will soon be able to accept donations online.

Please do also join our email list by sending a blank email to sosreading+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Reading SOS is for everyone who is opposed to service cuts and wants to do something about it.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123991257643314

Email: sosreading@live.co.uk


Redhill Coalition Against Cuts

Location: UK » South East » RH

The UK is facing the gravest cuts since the end of the Second World War. However, although the national debt was double then what it is now, in 1945 the country grew its way back to recovery, not with cuts, but by investing in Social Housing, the Creation of the NHS and the Welfare State. The cuts

proposed by the Con-Dem Coalition are likely to destroy the progress we have made in the provision of public services and in stopping the widening gap between rich and poor.

Redhill Coalition Against Cuts was launched at a public meeting on 24th November 2010. The coalition’s aim is to unite workers, the unemployed, pensioners, students and local residents in a campaign against the cuts. The need for unity, co-operation and coordination of resources is paramount in order to defeat this determined Con-Dem Coalition.

Website: http://www.redhillanticuts.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Redhill-Coalition-Against-Cuts/131648426890391

Email: info@redhillanticuts.org


Right To Work Campaign

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Right to Work is a national campaign to stop the cuts, defend public services and the welfare state and fight for every job.


We aim to unite those in and out of work, students, pensioners and all those reliant on the NHS and public services to resist the Con-Dem government and its austerity regime. We work with a range of other anti-cuts campaigns locally and nationally.


Right to Work is rooted in working class organisations. It is made up of affiliated union branches and campaign groups. Our major events are backed by unions, anti-cuts groups and campaigning organisations too.

Website: righttowork.org.uk

Email: info@righttowork.org.uk


Royal Holloway Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » London » TW

The Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance is a group of students, lecturers, support and administrative staff, and the local community, who have organised to oppose and resist the governmental cuts to higher education and the public sector. We are affiliated with Save Our Services In Surrey, and support the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. We have organised protests, arts and films nights, spoken at local colleges, attended demonstrations (including solidarity demonstrations with tube and firemen strikes), participated in the National Days of Action, and held the first sit-in at Royal Holloway in living memory, for 48 hours. Our charter clearly states we are opposed not only to higher and further education cuts and a raise in tuition fees, but to all public sector cuts, and we support all other anti-cuts campaigns to achieve this aim.

Website: rhacc.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=156106277742122

Email: rhagainstcuts@lists.riseup.net

Telephone: –


RSAMD Anti-Cuts Action Network

Location: UK » Scotland » G

Students and staff from Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama united against cuts to education and public spending.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RSAMDACAN

Email: acan@rsamd.ac.uk


Rugby Against The Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » CV

Fighting the cuts in Rugby

Website: rugbyagainstthecuts.blogspot.com/


Salisbury And District Trades Union Council

Location: UK » South West » SP

Trades Union Councils bring together unions to work and campaign around issues affecting working people in their local workplaces and communities. Trades Union Councils aim to: raise public awareness of rights at work and the union role in enforcing those rights. promote organising and recruitment drives to build union membership. support union and community campaigns for dignity and respect in the workplace and beyond.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54947267054

Email: pjknagdhmk2@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: 07503941556 or 07711057105


Sandwell Against Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » B

Sandwell Against Cuts was formed to campaign against the most saveage cuts undertaken in many years. It is a group made up of local Trade Unionists, representatives of community projectss and members of the general public who want to see an end to the unnecessary attack on the public sector while the bankers get richer.

Facebook: Alan Humphries

Twitter: @ThePaganOne

Email: humphries_alan@sky.com

Telephone: 07971220671


Save Birmingham Youth Service

Location: UK » West Midlands » B

Save Birmingham Youth Service is a campaign set up by the Branch to stop Birmingham City Council from cutting £3 millions from the Youth Service Budget. Such a cut would close over 40 youth projects (more than 2/3rds) across the city and deprive young people and communities easy access to trained and qualified youth workers.

This campaign is open to anyone who is worried about this devastating threat to youth service delivery in Birmingham.

Facebook: on.fb.me/SaveBhamYS2

Email: savebirminghamyouthservice@gmail.com


Save Bolton Libraries Campaign

Location: UK » North West » BL

set up at a recent public meeting in Bolton Central Library, we area broad based group campaigning to keep open all Bolton’s much loved libraries. Currently 9 out of 15 libraries are threatened with closure – Astley Bridge, Breightmet, Bromley Cross, Castle Hill,  Harwood, Heaton, High Street, Orchards & Oxford Grove. There is a public consultation available until 20 may – visit http://www.bolton.gov.uk/website/consultations/Documents/LibrariesSAE2011/index.htm

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_198105206877582

Email: saveourlibraries@btinternet.com

Telephone: 07791775995


Save Bright Start Nursery

Location: UK » South East » BN

Bright Start Nursery, Brighton is an amazing nursery offering the very best in child care through an exemplary team of dedicated and talented individuals. Rather than closing this nursery the council should be working out how to share their skills with other nurseries.

Website: savebrightstartnursery.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=147236258653644


Save Camden Child Care

Location: UK » London » NW

Camden Council are planning to cut £5 million from play services and £12 million from early years services over the next three years.

Under the proposals, most 3 and 4 year olds will see free nursery education provision reduced from 25 hours to the statutory minimum of 15 hours. All council play centres will close, and the council will stop providing breakfast and after school clubs in schools.

We are parents and local residents who are campaigning against these cuts.

These services are the only substantial source of affordable childcare in the borough. They are invaluable to working families and vital in helping women return to work. Camden play centres provide a crucial community link for the parents of young children. They are a key site for promoting social cohesion and fostering community understanding.

Website: savecamdenchildcare.tumblr.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Camden-Child-Care/137717239616343

Email: savecamdenchildcare@gmail.com


Save Charteris Sports Centre

Location: UK » London » NW

Charteris Sports Centre is threatened with closure because of cuts to Brent Council’s funding. This would be a disaster for Kilburn – Charteris is much more than just a great gym with good equipment and a wide range of activities.  It’s a community facility which meets the needs of all ages, from children’s parties to fitness sessions to help older people maintain strength and balance, and a focus for neighbourhood activities such as “Big Lunch” and a cycling project.

It provides valuable activities such as martial arts and circuit training for young people who would otherwise be at risk of being sucked into danger and crime on the streets – the whole community benefits from this.

Website: http://www.elevenstreets.org.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_179961272035546

Email: hilary@regordane.net

Telephone: 07984239556


Save Eastfield Library

Location: UK » North East » YO

North Yorkshire County Council is consuting on changes to the Library service which could see our Library lost or down graded, Eastfield Library is vital to the local area. We can not let this happen. Councillor Brian Simpson and others are fighting to make sure we keep it open.

Website: http://www.cllrbsimpson.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Eastfield-Library/162407053794695


Save EMA

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We’re fighting to save the Education Maintenance Allowance, a payment scheme for 16- to 19-year-olds from low-income backgrounds who have chosen to stay in education.

Save EMA is a progressive political campaign. It aims to provide a voice to over half a million of the poorest young people in Britain, who face the potential loss of the vital Education Maintenance Allowance.

Website: saveema.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-EMA/228652583089

Email: james@SaveEMA.co.uk


Save Future Midwifery in Scotland

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the affect of cuts that are currently underway in Midwifery training in Scotland. Midwifery training places in Scotland have been cut by 45% this year. These cuts affect potential students/current students/lecturers/newly qualified Midwives/current Midwives and mentors, and will have a significant effect on the women that they support. We want to protect our Midwifery services and we want to continue providing the best possible services we can to mothers and babies.

Please like our facebook page to help us off the ground and please spread the word in any way you can

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Future-Midwifery-in-Scotland/121349644607355


Save Haringey Youth Service

Location: UK » London » N

We are young people from Haringey, at the moment there is just over 2800 people who have joined our campaign to save our youth service of which about 2000 are young people from the borough [the rest are parents and adult members of the community.

Our facebook has 1450 members. We have been campaigning since October 2010 and last week, Feb 24th despite us submitting a petition of 2336 signatures the council agreed to cut our youth service by 75% [£2m]

We have a website where our videos are featured and a facebook.

Website: http://www.saveharingeyyouthservice.weebly.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001860122781

Email: saveharingeyyouthservice@gmail.com


Save Our Buses

Location: UK » South East » BN

Labour launched the ‘Save our Buses’ campaign in November 2010 in response to the news that the Tory administration running Brighton & Hove City Council are planning to make more than £600,000 worth of cuts to the bus subsidies budget, putting vital bus routes under threat.

This budget is used to subsidise the vital bus routes that would otherwise be deemed ‘uncommercial’ by Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company. These routes include school routes and those routes connecting the outlying parts of our city to the centre.

Many Queen’s Park residents rely on these bus routes, particularly elderly residents, disabled residents and families who cannot afford a car or choose not to drive for environmental reasons. More broadly it will affect anyone who uses public transport for work, leisure or any other reason. Aside from the social consequences, we are also concerned with the effect on the environment. Regular, decent, local, affordable public transport is vital to encourage residents to cut down on car use and opt for the more environmentally sound option that buses provide. We believe in investing in public transport, not cutting it.

The subsidized routes that affect Queen’s Park include the No. 21, 21B, 81, 81A, and 22. Other routes that might be affected include buses running along Eastern Road and the seafront.


Support Our Campaign:

There are three ways you can support our campaign:

* Sign the online petition: http://www.saveourbuses.info

* Download our petition for collecting more signatures

* Tell us why you oppose the cuts to vital bus routes by emailing saveourbuses@queensparklabour.com {{PERIOD}}

Website: http://www.saveourbuses.info

Email: saveourbuses@queensparklabour.com


Save Our Children’s Centres, Southport

Location: UK » North West » PR

Sure Start Children’s Centres in Southport are at serious risk of closure. On 27th January, Sefton Council will meet to decide on the fate of all phase 2 and 3 centres, with a view to slashing funding and closing their doors for good.

These children’s centres offer advice and support to any family who want it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have in the bank, or if you are a first time parent or a 5th, they are there for ALL OF US, and now we need to be there for them.

Whether you use these invaluable resources or not, this is a time to take a stand and say to Sefton Council “No More”. They have been steadily eroding services to families in this town for years and it is time to tell these councillors, who WE elected to serve OUR interests that we have had enough.

Contact the press, contact your local councillor, attend the public demonstration, and TAKE A STAND alongside the other families in this town before Southport officially becomes a “families not welcome” zone.

The government says Every Child Matters. Are children in Southport less deserving than the rest of the country?

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_102158533195070


Save Our Services in Surrey

Location: UK » South East » GU

Save Our Services in Surrey (SOSiS) brings together union members, local campaigners, community groups and service users across Surrey to defend local public services, and for a better public services based on democracy, accountability, and public ownership.

Website: http://www.saveourservic.es/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=194817448458

Email: campaignhq@saveourservic.es

Telephone: 02085419091


Save our Station, Holyhead

Location: UK » Wales » LL

Campaign led by local Labour party to save Holyhead Coastguard Station.

Website: http://www.joelock.org/sos

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001934597966


Save Preston Library

Location: UK » London » HA

We oppose the closure of Preston Library, a cost-efficient local service

that is well used by all the local community.

It provides essential facilities for some of our community, particularly

senior citizens and those with limited mobility, schoolchildren, and the

unemployed and others who may not have access to a computer.

Preston Library service is more accessible and meets the needs of a greater

number of local people than would a multimillion-pound mega-library at

Wembley Stadium, to which many users would find it difficult to travel.

Brent libraries, once closed, will be closed forever. Alternatives have not

been explored. The council is failing to cut inefficiencies and unnecessary

spending, preferring to axe 50% of libraries.

The Brent Executive (Labour) voted unanimously to close 6 libraries on April

11th. 10,000 people signed petitions to reject closure. 82% of those

consulted rejected closure.

Preston Library Campaign has joined forces with Brent SOS LIbraries (Save

Our Six Libraries) to fight these unnecessary and damaging cuts.

Join our facebook group. Subscribe to our website at


Twitter – @prestonlib

Website: http://www.brentlibraries.wordpress.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=ff&ap=1#!/home.php?sk=group_176135189080197

Twitter: @prestonlib

Email: saveprestonroadlibrary@gmail.com

Telephone: 07801 697712


Save RAF Lossiemouth and its Local Community

Location: UK » Scotland » IV

This is the Grass Roots Campaign and Supporters Forum to help raise awareness about the possible closure of RAF Lossiemouth.Not in association with any other Group or Party. http://www.savelossie.com

Website: http://www.savelossie.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-RAF-Lossiemouth-and-its-Local-Community/163728373655213?sk=wall

Twitter: @SaveRAFLossie

Email: savelossie@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07551 823142


Save School Sports in Brighton & Hove

Location: UK » South East » BN

The Tory-Lib Dem government announced plans in November 2010 to cut the entire £162million budget of the School Sports Partnership.

Brighton & Hove School Sports Partnership has a budget of £320,000 a year, and stands to lose every penny of this, devastating school sports and almost certainly resulting in redundancies.

The School Sports Partnership was set up by Labour to improve the standard of school sports. In 1997 only 25% of all children had the statutory two hours a week of PE, by 2010 this had increased to 95%, and the gap between the hours of sport played in state and private schools is now narrower than ever.

The Partnership aims to get children interested in sport and fitness from a young age, improve their skills and tackle health issues like childhood obesity. It was also intended to ensure the legacy of the 2012 London Olympics would benefit children up-and-down the country for decades to come.

The local School Sports Partnership is run by Dorothy Stringer High School, which was made a specialist sports college in 2002 and is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted due to its sporting and academic excellence. The school acts as a hub, working with 72 schools in and around the Brighton & Hove area, providing expert PE teachers and sports coaches, and running after school clubs, inter-schools competitions and nationally acclaimed dance and sports festivals.

Labour is working closely with local schools, teachers and parents to save the Brighton & Hove School Sports Partnership. We are really passionate about the work the SSP has done to improve school sports across the city, and so we are using every tool we can to fight these cuts.


We have already:

* Launched a petition on the Brighton & Hove City Council website. If we get 1,250 signatures we will secure a council debate.

* Submitted a question to the Tory administration running Brighton & Hove City Council to ask them to fight against the cuts

* Proposed an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons against the cuts.

* Submitted a question in the House of Lords through former City Council Leader Lord Steve Bassam of Brighton


Support Our Campaign:

There are three ways you can support our campaign:

* Sign the online petition: http://www.saveschoolsports.co.uk

* Ask your MP to sign EDM 1006 ‘School Sports Partnerships’ submitted by Labour MP Ian Mearns.

* Tell us why you oppose the Tory cuts to school sports in Brighton & Hove by emailing: saveschoolsports@queensparklabour.com


Find Out More:

Visit the Brighton and Hove School Sports Partnership website to see some of the great work that is now under threat: http://www.brightonandhovessp.co.uk/

Website: http://www.saveschoolsports.co.uk

Email: sports@queensparklabour.com


Save St. James Library

Location: UK » East Midlands » NN

We are a local residents association campaigning to save our small local library in St. James, Northampton.

Our area has parts of it that feature high in indices of deprivation and our local school has 42% of pupils registered for free school meals, a figure which is correlated to indicate low levels of literacy and poor educational performance. Lots of these pupils visit the library as do many elderly people.

Its crime! It is a small library tucked away where no one can see it.

The county council are going to ignore the facts mentioned above and the fact that over 10,000 visits were made to the library last year alone!

In the words of the councillor responsible for libraries “Protests dont pay bills!” We have now been told if we raise the money to reduce running costs they will consider it and it will probably stay open! So, we raise the money, keep the library open, that eases the pressure on bigger, posher libraries and the more affluent ones stay open without even raising a protest! We dont think this is fair, we dont want any libraries to close at all, but our library supports soke of the most vulnerable people out of all the libraries earmarked for closure.

Help us save our libraries by writing to our County Council and telling them this is wrong! Join us at one of our events.

Website: http://www.sjra.info

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-St-James-Library/183001821722335

Email: stjamesra@phonecoop.coop

Telephone: 07598976919 / 07841678018


Save Stornoway Coastguard

Location: UK » Scotland » HS

On the 16th December 2010 the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) published a consultation document to modernise HM Coastguard for the 21st Century. The main part of this document proposes the reduction in the number of Maritime Rescue Co-ordination stations around the UK coast from the current 19 stations operating 24 hours a day to just 9.

Of these 9 only 4 will be 24 hour, one looking after the River Thames in London, one monitoring shipping in the Dover Straights and the other two stations looking after all Search & Rescue for the rest of the UK. One will be on the South Coast of England, around the Southampton/ Portsmouth area, and the other will be in the current MRCC in Aberdeen.

They propose to have additional ‘sub-centres’ open during daylight hours only at Falmouth, Swansea and Humber. The consultation is asking for respondents to make the decision on the last two day stations, giving the choice of either Liverpool or Belfast and either Stornoway or Shetland. Which ever of two stations are not chosen will be closed along with Clyde, Forth, Holyhead, Milford Haven, Brixham, Portland, Solent, Thames and Yarmouth.

These proposed closures are not to do with ‘modernisation’ but budget cuts – finances over safety!

Website: http://www.stornowaycg.co.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Stornoway-Coastguard/177685742255041


Save the Lollipop People, Dorset

Location: UK » South West » DT

I have organised a Dorset wide petition of all schools who are in danger of losing the School Crossing Patrols if Dorset County Council go ahead and make the cuts proposed in December. £200,000 and 65 Lollipop People’s jobs. DCC propopse that the Big Society pick up the slack and think that schools and local communities will come forward to provide either the funding for the service or volunteers.

I believe it is morally wrong to put the lives of young people in danger to save money. I know as a school governor we have no spare money. I can think of no place in the local community where there is spare money. As a leader of a Walking Bus scheme I know how hard it is to find volunteers and in Dorset as the proposal is to close most of the smaller libraries, anyone wanting to volunteer will be sitting in the warm keeping the libraries open and not standing out in all weathers, putting their lives in danger to see parents and children safely to school. This is a cut too far.

Website: save-lollipop-people.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_191808317500417

Email: save_lollipop_people@yahoo.com


Say No to Legal Aid Cuts in the South West

Location: UK » London » BR

Campaigning against the legal aid cuts in the South West.

Website: advicewest.org.uk

Facebook: Say No to Legal Aid Cuts in the South West

Email: liz@advicenetwork.org.uk

Telephone: 0117 929 2153


School and FE Students Against the Cuts

Location: UK » National/non-regional

This group is for Further Education Students and School Students to stand united against the cuts on our education and jobs, and ridiculous raises in our university fees. We want to grow up in a fair society, so we support everyone fighting to defend their job, their pension, or their public services.

These cuts that are being inflicted upon our generation are unacceptable. Raising the tuition fees to £9000 a year (excl. living costs) will not make our society fairer, nor is it necessary.

Any social mobility that exists today will cease to exist, class divides will become more defined, and university will no longer be for people who can achieve the grades and who have worked ridiculously to get those grades, it will be for the people who can afford it -university will become a luxury of the rich.

Many FE Students will want to leave Further Education to go straight into a job. This will no longer be possible for our generation, as 490,000 public sector jobs are being cut. We will be forced on the dole, then we will be accused of being ‘work-shy’ and ‘benefit scroungers’ and forced into demeaning ‘voluntary’ work for our benefits, after being told we are deliberately avoiding work.

Whilst all this occurs, the bankers who caused this mess retain £7bn worth of bonuses, the rich still evade massive amounts of tax (total bill: £120bn) The war in Afghanistan rages on, £76bn is being spent on Weapons of Mass Destruction and £25bn is being spent on 2 new aircraft carriers (with no jets to fly off them)

We seem to have money for wars, for bankers and we seem to be able to spare the rich the chore of paying taxes, but we don’t seem to have money for the things that matter to people like us!

Website: http://www.schoolstudentresistance.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/School-and-FE-Students-Against-the-Cuts/144094815642021

Email: studentsagainstthecuts@mail.com


Scotland – there is a better way

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The better way

There is an economic crisis – it is a crisis of high unemployment and stagnant growth; it is not, as the ConDems insist, a crisis of the public finances. The ConDems have systematically distorted and exaggerated problems with the public finances. The UK was never in danger of becoming the next Greece. The rising deficit reflected the collapse in tax revenues and rising cost of unemployment benefits during the recession. It was not caused by out of control public spending.

History does not support the ConDem assertion that cuts will be good for growth and jobs. But history does support the STUC’s belief that deep and premature cuts will lead to persistently high unemployment.

There is a Better Way!

Website: http://www.thereisabetterway.org/

Email: kbuchanan@stuc.org.uk

Telephone: 0141 337 8100


Sheffield Anti-Cuts Campaign

Location: UK » North East » S

A coalition between Trades Unions, community tenants groups, disability rights groups, unemployed, service users, workers, students, and political parties; taking action against cuts in jobs, in services, and in welfare support.

Website: sheffieldanticuts.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-Anti-Cuts-Campaign/157976004239465

Email: petergarbutt@hotmail.co.uk


Sheffield Uncut

Location: UK » North East » S

Uncutting Sheffield…

Website: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SheffieldUncut/213990928615403


Email: sheffielduncut@hotmail.co.uk


Shepway Campaign Against All Cuts

Location: UK » South East » CT

Shepway Campaign Against All Cuts (SCAAC) stands shoulder-to-shoulder

with the increasing number of campaign groups across the country.

Alongside trade unions nationwide, we stand in defence of jobs and public

services. We will provide solidarity, support and leadership where it is

needed across Shepway, and we will seek to link together all campaigns into

a united, active, campaigning organisation.

Website: http://www.scaac.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_189796427728845&ap=1

Email: v.castle91@gmail.com


Shropshire Cares Campaign

Location: UK » West Midlands » TF

Shropshire Cares Campaign seeks to directly challenge the cuts imposed on local services to the elderly and people with disabilities in Shropshire. Irrespective of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s assurances that cuts to Social Care will not bear the brunt of the impact from the comprehensive spending review the Unitary Council are pushing through devastating cuts to services which will devastate lives- seemingly without full accountable & transparent consultation with local people. Through a series of local events and protests I want to make the people of Shropshire aware of what is happening to them before it is too late.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001849430659

Twitter: @shropshirecares

Email: shropshirecares@gmail.com


Shropshire Fights Back

Location: UK » West Midlands » TF

Shropshire Fights Back supports the view that there is an alternative to cuts involving job losses and the reduction of public services.

It is independent and non-partisan.  Its aim is to encourage those from all across Shropshire to come together to demonstrate how strongly we feel against job losses and the loss of public services. Whether you are a union member, member of a political organisation, student, housewife, campaigner, pensioner etc, if you are worried about how the cuts will affect you and want to get involved in the campaign, this is for you.  If you’re not, and we can’t change your mind, then there’s nothing for you here.

Website: http://www.shropshirefightsback.org.uk

Twitter: @ShropsFightBack


Somerset Uncut – Anti Cuts in Somerset

Location: UK » South West » TA

Campaigning against the cuts here in Somerset.

Somerset County Council plans on cutting library services by 60% by closing 20 out of 34 of Somersets libraries, plans that are going to impact on elderly, disabled, younger generations to come.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/somersetuncut

Email: somersetuncut@gmail.com


South Hampstead Against the Cuts

Location: UK » London » NW

Residents and workers on the Rowley Way and Ainsworth estate in NW London fighting the cuts at a local and national level.

Website: http//southhampsteadagainstthecuts.wordpress.com/

Southampton United for Public Services

Location: UK » South East » SO

An anti-cuts campaign aiming to bring together trades unionists, students and community groups to oppose cuts in and around Southampton and nationally.

Email: bobby.noyes@lpi.org.uk

Telephone: 07813520157


Southend Against The Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » SS

Southend Against The Cuts is a campaign group started at a public meeting organised by Southend-on-Sea Trades Union Council.

We aim to include all those who oppose the Con Dems government’s policy of trying to make working people pay for the impact of the economic crisis. Whether it is cuts in service, jobs, pay and conditions, or privatisation, we believe that we have to defend ourselves against these attacks.

We aim to unite trade unions, campaigns, community groups and individual activists across the Southend-on-Sea, Essex area. To date we have had participation from: trade unions including PCS, Unison, UCU and CWU; members of political organisations including Respect, Labour Party, SWP, campaigns such as Keep Our NHS Public – and many individuals!

If you want to help fight the cuts – get in touch with us.

Watch our video:

Website: southendagainstthecuts.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=153616524655932

Twitter: @southendnocuts

Email: southendagainstcuts@gmail.com


Southport Anti Cuts Coalition

Location: UK » North West » PR

Southport Anti Cuts Coalition is not officially affiliated to any political party. However, representatives of political parties are welcome to join either in their representative or individual capacities. We aim to be a transparent and involved group of ordinary individuals and local organisations who oppose the coalition government’s program of slashing public services, public service funding and smashing the welfare state. The group will have regular meetings which will act as a forum for people to share their views and experiences and proposals for co-ordinated action.

Website: Southportanticutscoalition.blogspot.com/

Email: Southportanticuts@hotmail.co.uk


Southwark Save Our Services

Location: UK » London » SE

Southwark Save Our Services is comprised of community organisations, local trade unionists, students and user groups that are preparing to fight the Con-Dem cuts. We demand that the Southwark Council does not pass on the cuts. We demand that they refuse to make cuts in jobs and services. Up to 1000 jobs could go in Southwark alone. Determination is necessary to stop the jobs slaughter and decimation of services. National industrial and direct action may be necessary to save our jobs and services.

Website: southwarksaveourservices.blogspot.com/


Spen Valley Against the Cuts

Location: UK » North East » BD

Spen Valley Against the Cuts is a community based network of people trying to fight the proposed ConDem cuts in the public sector.

We feel that these cuts can only harm the poorest and most vulnerable people in society, yet these people have done nothing to create the recession, which is the supposed reason behind the cuts.

Website: spenagainstthecuts.wordpress.com/


STAND St Andrews Against Cuts

Location: UK » Scotland » KY

Under the provisional name STAND (St Andrews against cuts), we are a broad-based group of St Andrews University staff and students formed in response to the current measures proposed and enacted by the government and decision-makers. Our aim is to confront the truly disastrous cuts proposals, and defend public services.

STAND has grown out of widespread concern in response to the coalition’s policies on education and ‘austerity’, and the speed at which they are being introduced. We hope to act as an umbrella group to organise and promote a wide range of events which can involve everyone who shares our concerns – including petitions, public meetings, debates and protests.

Despite a reputation as a conservative university, large numbers of students at St Andrews have recently protested against the tuition fee increases and are raging about the government’s educational policies. Staff are not only concerned about their jobs as the effects of Scotland’s reduced budget are felt, but also that that areas such as Humanities, robbed of state funding will suffer.

We have started from within the University but also hope to develop a broader, town-wide movement.

Website: http://www.standagainstcuts.org

Email: standagainstcuts@gmail.com


Stevenage Cuts

Location: UK » East of England » SG

Against the cuts at Stevenage Council.

See proposed cuts.

Email: s.older@unison.co.uk

Telephone: 01245 608918


Stop Cuts to Children’s Services (Feminist Fightback)

Location: UK » London » E

We work with parents and children’s centre workers in the borough to produce a regular newsletter. It aims to link up different children’s centres so that together we can fight the £30 million of cuts to children’s services proposed by Tower Hamlets Council this year (with a further £70 million over the next 3 years). By getting in touch with each other, sharing our stories and talking about how the cuts will affect us as both service users and workers, we can better fight for affordable, good quality childcare.

Website: http://www.feministfightback.org.uk

Email: feminist.fightback@gmail.com

Telephone: 07890 209479


Stop the Cuts (NSSN)

Location: UK » National/non-regional

This is the National Shop Stewards Anti Cuts Campaign, which we agreed to develop from our Conference on Jan 22nd 2011.

We are planning to protest at Labour local government conference on the 5th of March in London and supporting Cardiff against cuts protests against Tory and Liberal conferences in Wales on the same day.

We will lobby on the 26th March demonstration and in all other arenas for the unions to organise co-ordinated strike action to defeat the government’s cuts.

We also believe that the platform of speakers on the day should include those workers and students who are currently fighting the cuts.

Our NSSN campaign has been launched on a clear ‘Oppose ALL cuts’ platform and will therefore call on Labour councils to refuse to implement the cuts.

We will organise protests and support industrial action against them if they vote to pass the attacks onto workers’ jobs and services.

Website: http://www.stopcuts.net/news.8.htm

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-the-Cuts/169842406395858?sk=wall

Twitter: @http://twitter.com/NSSN_AntiCuts

Email: info@shopstewards.net

Telephone: 07816 134 690


Stop the Cuts to Hamara Family Project, Waltham Forest

Location: UK » London » E

Waltham Forest Council are imposing a 66% Cut on the services provided by the Hamara Family Project. Hamara provides an amazing range of services to families of children with Autism.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=hamara+family+project&init=quick&tas=0.5684136262558931#!/home.php?sk=group_188028411241575&ap=1

Email: coolshoes@talktalk.net

Telephone: 07958680133


Suffolk Coalition for Public Services

Location: UK » East of England » IP

The Suffolk Coalition for Public Services is a local alliance of all Trades Unions (representing members in the Public Sector and Trades Union Councils) and anyone who is concerned about the Cuts and the future of our Public Services.

We aim to establish broad-based campaign involving community and welfare groups, political parties and individuals prepared to defend and save Public Services from the cuts programme initiated by the ConDem coalition and any other governement!


Opposed to the Public Services spending cuts

Opposed to the outsourcing and privatisation of Public Services

Opposed to cuts in Welfare Benefit to the needy

Committed to the provision of universal Public Services to all

We recognise the contribution made by the Public Services to the social and economic well-being of Suffolk’s communities



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=152222224817496&v=info


Sunderland Against The Cuts

Location: UK » North East » SR

Sunderland Against The Cuts is a grassroots campaign against the massive spending cuts being imposed on jobs and public services. We are open to working with anyone who wants to fight these needless austerity measures: workers, trade unionists, students, community organisations and political activists.

We have regular stalls in the city centre (usually in Market Square), public meetings and events, and an open planning committee so anyone can join in and help organise our activities. If you’d like to get involved, then get in touch. Check the Contact page for details.

Website: sunderlandagainstthecuts.co.uk/


Tax Research UK

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The campaign for tax justice in the UK.

Based on the Tax Research blog – probably the UK’s best read tax blog and one of the biggest anti-cuts blogs as well.

Written by Richard Murphy – the person who researches much of the information on the Tax Gap for the TUC and others.

Updated (usually many times) daily.

Website: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/blog

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TaxResearchUK

Email: richard.murphy@taxresearch.org.uk

Telephone: 01366 383500


The Broken of Britain

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Non-party political campaign. Advocacy for physically and mentally disabled

people of Great Britain and carers.

Website: thebrokenofbritain.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thebrokenofbritain

Email: thebrokenofbritain@gmail.com


The City of London Corporation Protest

Location: UK » London » EC


http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2010-2011/0166/11166.pdf if passed, will require the Secretary of State to take steps to require banks, corporations and trusts to provide information on their status, income arising and tax payments made in each jurisdiction in which they operate; and for connected purposes.

June 10th 2011 is the date of the 2nd reading of the bill.  This is the most crucial stage of the process of the bill becoming lawful legislation – an Act of Parliament.

You can contact your MP http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ to show you support this important bill and to urge them to also support it.  It is in the best interests of at least 95% of the UK population that the bill is passed without concessions.

This action is only pencilled in for that date at present and if preparations are not 100% then the protest will be postponed until a more suitable date, perhaps the next stage of the process.  http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2010-11/taxandfinancialtransparency.html

We urge all direct-action groups, no matter what your main focus to join with this action to achieve the goals stated below.  We request help with the planning and organising of the action as well as giving exposure to the event to ensure large numbers of people attend or are involved.

We hope this will be the start of a consistent working hour presence of campaigners in the City to build awareness and keep this crucial issue in the news.



The City of London provides local government services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the ‘Square Mile’. It is committed to supporting and promoting ‘The City’ as the world leader in international finance and business services through the policies it pursues and the high standard of services it provides.


“Nowadays, with its Lord Mayor, its Beadles, Sheriffs and Aldermen, its separate police force and its select electorate of freemen and liverymen, the City of London is an anachronism of the worst kind. The Corporation, which runs the City like a one-party mini-state, is an unreconstructed old boys’ network whose medievalist pageantry camouflages the very real power and wealth which it holds.” – pp110, Rough Guide to England, 2006

Maurice Glasman: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/publicEvents/events/2011/20110201t1830vHKT.aspx

Do you need any greater statement about the power of the City of London? They blow all the money, we bail them out, and then… we get cut! It’s a stupendous act of shameless power and they say if you don’t support this then we won’t have economic growth… but we don’t have economic growth because the City of London will not invest in the country, because the rates of return in the financial sector are always higher than in the real economy, and therefore we have completely hitched our wagon to a very very very volatile mistress.

Whats going on? We are living in a world dominated by money, we are living in a world dominated by capital, we are living in a world of disenchanted politics and a very very very ferocious form of unmediated globalisation.

Then what is to be done?

We respond obviously in anger, rage, fury. But that’s not the way. The way is to think, about how we can act together to salvage a more human world from all of this. And for everybody who is committed to developing countries, to making the world a better place, there is no more urgent task than to democratise London. To have all of London as the City.


– We want to raise awareness of the issue of tax justice.

– We want to raise awareness of key role of The City of London Corporation in preventing tax justice.

– We want to put pressure on MP’s to pass the Tax & Financial Transparency Bill 2011 without concessions.

– A longer term goal of the abolition of The City of London Corporation.


We invite the people of the world to spend a day in the square mile on June 10th 2011.  There are plenty of sights to see and places to enjoy.

We would like as big a presence in the City of peaceful, lawful activists as possible.

This will be an official protest action and we will be co-operating fully with the CoLC police to ensure the day passes as peacefully as possible.

This is not about smashing windows, but rather about raising the profile of the issue.

We feel that our best weapon is our number, especially in a relatively small space.

It is possible to bring about change peacefully, so why give them a reason to arrest us?

All that is needed is the masses united behind what we consider to be the issue with the most potential for improving conditions around the world.

We invite you to bring:

– related flags, banners, postcards (ideas for slogans and graphics seen elsewhere on this page)

– you can create t-shirts and other forms of clothing so people can identify you as a campaigner

– guitars, flutes, saxophones, steel drums and any other musical instrument you like

– bring your grannies and their knitting needles

– any crafts and hobbies items that are unobtrusive and will help you while away the day

– juggling balls

– street artists and performers

– sound systems

– megaphones

– food and drink

+ anything else you can think of to create an atmosphere and that stays within their laws

There are many fascinating places in and around the City of London,  http://www.visitthecity.co.uk/flash/archmap.pdf including:

– The Bank of England

– Mansion House – Lord Mayor of the City of London

– Guildhall – Offices of the CoLC

– London Stock Exchange

– Various Major Global Corporation HQ’s

– Royal Courts of Justice

– St. Paul’s Cathedral

– The Gherkin

– Barbican Centre

– Tate Modern

– The Tower of London

– Tower Bridge

Reclaim this territory, reclaim our democracy, reclaim our rights…

…and have fun doing it =)


Excerpt from Nicolas Shaxson’s ‘Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World’ http://treasureislands.org/

“The third big change necessary is to confront the British spider’s web, the most important and most aggressive single element in the global offshore system.

The City of London Corporation – this offshore island floating partly free from Britain’s people and its democratic system – must be abolished and submerged into a unified and fully democratic London.

The City’s international offshore web, a mechanism for harvesting and profiting from financial capital from around the globe, however dirty it may be, must be dismantled.

It harms the people of Britain, and it harms the world at large. Britain is too subservient to the City and its offshore sector to be able to do this alone; pressure from outside is essential.

Developing countries in particular need to appreciate how this is a kind of imperial economic system, in which their own elites are deeply implicated.

Alongside this new focus we need a greater understanding of the role of the USA as an offshore jurisdiction in its own right and the harm this causes, inside and outside the United States.”

Tax Justice Network: http://www.taxjustice.net/cms/front_content.php?idcat=2

Declaration, manifesto and proposals: http://www.taxjustice.net/cms/front_content.php?idcat=3&lang=1&client=1

Tax Research: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/

Briefing Sheets: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/briefing-sheets/

Manifesto: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/Manifesto.pdf

Country by country reporting: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/CBC.pdf

Definition of the term ‘secrecy jurisdiction’: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/Secrecyjurisdiction.pdf

Definition of the term ‘financial transparency’: http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/Transparency.pdf

The City of London and its Tax Haven Empire – LSE Lecture by Nicolas Shaxson & Maurice Glasman


Transcript from the conclusion of Maurice Glasman’s speech:

“I just want to come to the point here about invisibility, secrecy and the status of The City of London.

Essentially, the population of London was removed, so the City of London is the great bearer of a tremendous political autonomy, for a thousand years it has defended itself against encroachment of the state, and as the population has moved out and the livery companies, particularly the commercial livery companies have become more powerful, the City, effectively, the greatest democratic continuous city in all of Europe becomes a lobbyist for the markets, for capital, for the power of capital.

What essentially we have, is the maritime economy, the sea, is flooding the land. There is no more status at work. It’s not allowed. There is no more possibility of having any security at work, that’s against the demands of globalisation.

Democracy is populist if it begins to confront the domination of money power. And why is that? Its because capital is promiscuous. That’s its nature, it wants an immediate return on its investment, it will leave a stable relationship. Capital will leave its partners, to get new fresh, more vital experiences, to get more return on investment.

It is the role of any statecraft, any politic, to try to domesticate this viral energy of capitalism in order to try to constrain and control that energy in ways that can actually underpin the flourishing of human life not render it asunder.

What has happened in the last thirty years under both Thatcher and New Labour is that the motor of growth is the City of London. So this relentless promiscuity of relationships has in fact become the order. So what you have in effect is country’s/tax havens are basically offering a haven where capital can act in an entirely unconstrained way with great damage to the natural environment and to the human beings who have to try and live stable lives within that context.

Marvin Gaye said “What’s going on?”

Marvin Gaye’s question should always take precedent over Lenin’s question: “What is to be done?”

Both have to be asked temporally.

And the what’s going on is that we’re all at sea.

What’s going on is that we’ve got a massive deficit, the bankers blew it.

Do you need any greater statement about the power of the City of London? They blow all the money, we bail them out, and then… we get cut! It’s a stupendous act of shameless power and they say if you don’t support this then we won’t have economic growth… but we don’t have economic growth because the City of London will not invest in the country, because the rates of return in the financial sector are always higher than in the real economy, and therefore we have completely hitched our wagon to a very very very volatile mistress.

Whats going on? We are living in a world dominated by money, we are living in a world dominated by capital, we are living in a world of disenchanted politics and a very very very ferocious form of unmediated globalisation.

Then what is to be done?

We respond obviously in anger, rage, fury. But that’s not the way. The way is to think, about how we can act together to salvage a more human world from all of this. And for everybody who is committed to developing countries, to making the world a better place, there is no more urgent task than to democratise London. To have all of London as the City.

There was no London-wide civic authority until 1899 with the LCC. Then when that started getting going that was abolished and became the GLC.

Then the GLC got going and started asking some questions that was abolished entirely. Then what have we got? What is this?

The Greater London Authority. What kind of thing is that for a great city like this, it’s absolutely disgusting! We should all be deeply ashamed.”

Website: colcprotest.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_196201357081662

Twitter: @Will2403

Email: koyaanis@gmail.com

Telephone: 01842 751502


The Right to Read Campaign

Location: UK » West Midlands » WV

Governments, financiers and the digital world are threatening the arts. Libraries are closing, book shops and music shops closing, poor education and dumbing down of the population may result in the loss of many of things we artists and arts lovers hold dear – freedom and expression.

Why libraries are so important and must be preserved and supported

The importance of museums and art galleries

Why community centres and services must survive

Freedom of expression is vital, don’t be silenced, don’t compromise

Therefore, I have started a campaign to fight this murder of the civilised world.

You can join in and help prevent the loss of culture, art and history by:

Register and visit your local libraries often. Complete any petitions they may have.

Lobby your MP, the Prime Minister and local authorities as well as book and music retailers

Archive material to keep it for future generations.

Buy books that libraries and stores sell off, store them, lend them out.

Boycott Ipads and other e-readers.

Use local bookshops and music stores.

Set up reading groups and story tellers for children.

Encourage your children to read books and listen to music. Teach them to read well and encourage them to learn more about history, law and the arts.

Learn how to make websites, to store books and files so that everyone can see them – free

The Right to Read Campaign is an independent group with no political or religious agendas or interests. It was

created by Digital Alchemy UK and Art Alchemy everyone is welcome. The more people support us and promote public awareness the better. Thank You for your support.

Website: digitalalchemyuk.elementfx.com/rtr/

Facebook: en-gb.facebook.com/people/Right-To-Read-Campaign/100002056587102

Email: art_alchemy@yahoo.co.uk


The Scouts Association: Don’t Raise our Rents!

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Scout groups play a valuable and active role in society. Each year Scout volunteers give over 37 million hours of their time to their communities. However, public spending cuts are undermining the value of our contribution and threatening our future.

As budgets are squeezed, councils plan to increase the rent and rates paid by some Scout and Guide groups. Many of the proposed new rents and rates are inconsistent and simply not fair. If groups can’t afford the increase, they may have to resort to refusing new members, reducing activities or even shutting completely.

Join the Don’t Raise our Rents! campaign to protect Scouting in your area.


Voluntary organisations, like the Scouts, do not cost the taxpayer – raising our rents not only threatens the long term viability of Scouting, it contradicts the idea of an active civil society.

Scouting embodies what the government is looking for in an active civil society – young people involved in Scouting are twice as likely as other young people to volunteer elsewhere in their local community. We should be celebrating this excellent work, not putting it at risk!

Scouting is cost effective – for the same amount of money spent on one two-month programme of National Citizenship (a government voluntary programme for 16 year olds), we can put three young people through Scouting activities for an entire year!  This represents great value for money.

Remember, we are not asking government to give us money – we understand that cuts have to happen. We are simply asking councils not to exploit Scout Groups as an easy target. We know our members are not a soft touch!

Website: http://www.dontraiseourrents.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dont-Raise-our-Rents/186023074766524

Twitter: @scoutcitizen

Email: campaign@scouts.org.uk


Their Cuts – Not Ours

Location: UK » London » E

The Government is making cuts which it is forcing others to make and get blamed for. This why we, a group of Hackney councillors,  say: ‘Their Cuts – Not Our Cuts’. They are using ideological cuts, not based on financial reasons. We have handed in a Christmas card and a Hanukah card to No 10 with some of those who are going to get hurt by the Government cuts. It wished him Merry Christmas from all who are going to lose their jobs, their homes, be taken advantage of, suffer ill-health, family break-up and worse because of the public spending cuts. He will no doubt have had a wonderful Christmas with his family at his multi-million pound residence while our constituents will be living in fear of losing their jobs, their homes and their savings. We now intend writing to every Lib Dem MP about the situation.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Their-Cuts-Not-Ours/178128612200341#!/pages/Their-Cuts-Not-Ours/178128612200341

Email: ian.rathbone@tiscali.co.uk

Telephone: 07890654068


They Don’t Speak For Us

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Call a radio station on Sunday, March 13th 2011.

Request No Surprises by Radiohead.

In homes across the country, people will be singing;

“Bring down the government, they don’t speak for us.”

Nick Clegg and David Cameron have both listed Radiohead as one of their favourite bands.  What could be more fitting than to use No Surprises as the anthem of a national protest?

This campaign is for everybody who opposes the coalition’s drastic and damaging funding cuts.

It seeks to unite us so that we can deliver this message as one clear, loud voice and to aid in building momentum towards the London March on 26.03.11.

Website: http://www.theydontspeakforus.web.officelive.com

Twitter: @dontspeakforus

Email: theydontspeakforus2011@gmail.com


Torbay Anti Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South West » TQ

Torbay Anti Cuts Alliance is a broadly based alliance of individuals and groups in South Devon. It was formed to oppose cuts to public services, to resist privatatisation and to campaign for a fairer society.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Torbay-Anti-Cuts-Alliance/171342736229394?v=wall


Tower Hamlets Hoops

Location: UK » London » E

Hands Off Our Pubic Services is a group set up in Tower Hamlets to fight the cuts being put forward by the CON-DEMs.The Con-Dem government is proposing a programme of savage cuts to public spending. Some areas will be cut by up to 40%.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001509794712&v=wall


TSSA North West Anti-Cuts Campaign

Location: UK » North West » CW

The TSSA bitterly opposes the cuts that are being implemented by this Tory-led ConDem Coalition Government. In the public transport field these are cuts to our members jobs and our community’s services.

TSSA (Transport Salaried Staffs Association) is an independent, UK-based Trades Union for the transport and travel trade industries. We have 30,000 members in the UK and Ireland, working for the railways and associated companies, London Underground and Transport for London, the travel trade, and in shipping, ports, road haulage and buses.

For more information join our Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_208464559178518

Website: http://www.tssa.org.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_208464559178518


Tyne and Wear Coalition of Resistance

Location: UK » North East » NE

A broad-based united campaigning organisation (affiliated to national Coalition of Resistance) launched in August 2010. We organise public meetings, stalls, cultural events etc and liaise with other groups to maximise opposition to cuts and privatisation. All supporters of COR’s founding statement (by Tony Benn and others) are welcome to contribute to our fortnightly planning meetings. Contact us to be added to our email list, or join us on Facebook.

Website: http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=106316062750614

Email: cornortheast@gmail.com

Telephone: 07531 977 128


Tyne and Wear Left Unity

Location: UK » North East » NE

We are a coalition of individuals, activists and groups who oppose the present economic system that causes poverty, war, racism, unemployment, destruction of the environment, and a lot more. We believe in working for a society based on human need not private profit. Together we are stronger, we can coordinate our actions, share our knowledge and experiences, learn from discussion, debate and even disagreement to make our fight against capitalism even stronger, our voice louder and our supporters greater.

We do regular stalls and anti cuts activity are part of the Anti Cuts Network in Newcastle and active within the Public Service Alliance, Students campaigns including Newcastle Occupation and Newcastle Free Education Network

Website: tynewearleftunity.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=354228705958

Email: twleftunity@gmail.com


UCL occupation

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are students who have been occupying University College London in protest at fee rises and cuts. We stand against fees, devastating cuts to higher education and government attempts to force society to pay for a crisis it didn’t cause.

We are a network of students and their supporters linked into the nationwide university occupations movement and the wider student revolt. We will be campaigning, organising protests and direct action against cuts and tax-dodging, linking up with other groups and campaigners where possible. Do get in touch if you think we can help each other.


Website: blog.ucloccupation.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001890859712

Email: ucloccupation@gmail.com


UK Bank Run

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Campaign to fight obscene bonuses for bankers WE bailed out!

Website: http://www.ukbankrun.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ukbankrun

Twitter: @ukbankrun

Email: ukbankrun@gmail.com


UK Uncut

Location: UK » National/non-regional

UK Uncut was born in a shop doorway.

On October 27th 2010, just one week after George Osborne announced the deepest cuts to public services since the 1920s, around 70 people ran along Oxford Street, entered Vodafone’s flagship store and sat down. We had shut down tax-dodging Vodafone’s flagship store.

At that point, UK Uncut only existed as #ukuncut, a hashtag someone had dreamed up the night before the protest. As we sat in the doorway, chanting and handing leaflets to passersby, the hashtag began to trend around the UK and people began to talk about replicating our action. The idea was going viral. The seething anger about the cuts had found an outlet. Just three days later and close to thirty Vodafone stores had been closed around the country.

We start with some simple points of agreement. The brutal cuts to services about to be inflicted by the current Government are unnecessary, unfair and ideologically motivated. The coalition are particularly fond of two obscene catch phrases: ‘There is no alternative’ and ‘We’re all in this together.’ Both slogans are empty and untrue. The cuts will dismantle the welfare state, send inequality sky-rocketing and hit the poorest and most vulnerable hardest. A cabinet of millionaires have decided that libraries, healthcare, education funding, voluntary services, sports, the environment, the disabled, the poor and the elderly must pay the price for the recklessness of the rich.

Austerity-economics is the policy of the powerful. It cannot be stopped by asking nicely. We cannot wait until the next election. If we want to win the fight against these cuts (and we can win) then we must make it impossible to ignore our arguments and impossible to resist our demands. This means building a powerful grassroots mass movement, able to resist the Government cuts at every turn.

UK Uncut hopes to play a small part in this movement. In only a few months, from a single action in London, UK Uncut has spread to up to fifty-five towns and cities. Everyone from pensioners to teenagers, veterans to newbies have already joined our actions in towns from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth. We have proved that there is anger at these cuts, that the idea of mass apathy is a myth and that people are willing to do more than just join a Facebook group to stand up and defend what they believe in.

Even if you have never been on a protest before, please join us. UK Uncut makes it easy to either join or organise an inspiring, effective protest wherever you are. Vodafone’s own slogan is ‘Power to You.’ It couldn’t be more appropriate.

Now is the time to get angry, to get organised and to build a resistance to austerity.

See you on the high streets.

Website: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ukuncut

Twitter: @UKuncut

Email: ukuncut@gmail.com


Unite for our Society

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The Voluntary Sector

Together, Stronger

A strong voluntary sector is the foundation for a fair and flourishing society.

Yet the very heart of the sector is currently at risk from Government cuts, short-term contracts and top-down commissioning structures.  The result is a deeply insecure funding environment which prevent voluntary sector organisations from best supporting their service users, employees, volunteers or society.

We’ve launched the campaign Unite for our Society to:

Recognise the contribution of the sector and those that work in it.;

Ensure a good working environment that supports the wellbeing of staff and volunteers through best practice policies and fair pay;

Strengthen the democratic voice of our Members in their workplaces;

Document the impact of cuts in government funding and the decline in other funding sources;

Maintain the independence of the sector so that delivery continues to be led by frontline staff,  volunteers and service users;

Identify and tackle common problems across the sector and share good practices;

Empower those working in the sector to become effective campaigners on behalf of their service users, colleagues, workplaces and society;  and

Provide leadership for the sector and set the agenda for decades to come.

Together, we can make the sector stronger – for the good of service users, staff and society.

Website: http://www.uniteforoursociety.org/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unite-for-Our-Society/190474014326548

Twitter: @https://twitter.com/#!/Unite4Society

Email: uniteforoursociety@unitetheunion.org


Virtual Resistance

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Supporting The National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts 14th April. We are an online group representing people who can’t attend protests for various reasons, such ,as disability, illness, lack of funds, family commitments etc to enable them to voice their feelings online. We are mass emailing the media & MPs.

Website: virtualgherkin.blogspot.com/2011/04/email-campaign-against-benefit-cuts.html?spref=tw.

Twitter: @VirtualResistan


Voices For The Library

Location: UK » National/non-regional

We are campaigning against cuts within library services and are defending the need for a free and open-to-all UK public library service, staffed by trained librarians.

We are inviting everybody who uses, loves or needs the services UK public libraries and librarians provide to join us, share your stories of why you want to save the services, explain what they mean to you, your friends and your families.

We believe that working together is the best way to create the public libraries we all want to use, providing as wide a range of information, recreational reading and activities supporting learning and literacy as possible.

Website: http://www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Voices-for-the-Library/140228572685281

Email: contact@voicesforthelibrary.org.uk


Wandsworth Against Cuts

Location: UK » London » SW

Campaigning against cuts in Wandsworth – supported by Battersea & Wandsworth Trades Council

Website: http://www.bwtuc.org.uk/


We did NOT vote for THIS – Suffolk

Location: UK » East of England » IP

Suffolk wide campaign to save Public Services from budget cuts and the “New Strategic Direction”.  150,000 postcards delivered by volunteers throughout the County giving residents a chance to have their say and tell their elected members what they think.

Postcard incorporates a petition which says:

We did NOT Vote for THIS!!


We the undersigned DO NOT give Suffolk County Council or our elected County Councillors permission to sell off, dismantle, divest, reduce or close our public services such as:

Libraries, Children’s Centres, Residential Homes, HOMEFIRST Services, CONNEXIONS Services & Youth Clubs.

As a member of YOUR electorate, I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS IRRESPONSIBLE EXPERIMENT with my local services.

I therefore call on you as MY elected representative to refuse to support any such actions or proposals.

Website: http://www.suffolkunison.co.uk


Wellingborough Anti-Cuts Coalition (WACC)

Location: UK » East Midlands » NN

A broad coalition of activists from Unison, Unite and PCS living or working in the Wellingborough area.

Dedicated to raising awareness and opposing the unfair, unnecessary and immoral cuts being imposed on decent ordinary working class people.

We are hoping to unite people from all walks of life union or not, working or not to fight this attack on us all.

Website: http://www.welacc.org.uk

Twitter: @WelACC


West Sussex Teachers’ Association

Location: UK » South East » RH

West Sussex Teachers’ Association supports anti-cuts campaigns in Worthing, Crawley and Brighton…and any other campaigns as and when they arise in the West Sussex area.  We oppose Labour, Tory and Liberal cuts – we are quite impartial.

Website: wsta1.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=27771381752

Email: wstalearn@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: 01403 258222



Weston and North Somerset Anti-Cuts Alliance

Location: UK » South West » BS

Our alliance consists of Weston and North Somerset Trades Union Council (mainly PCS, RMT, NUT, and UNISON) and citizens of North Somerset. At our public meeting we agreed to fight the cuts in North Somerset, lobby North Somerset Council and build support for the TUC march and rally on 26th March 2011.

Website: northsomersetunison.blogspot.com

Twitter: @nsunison

Email: unison@n-somerset.gov.uk

Telephone: 01934 634759


Where’s the Benefit?

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Campaigning against the government’s distressing war on disabled benefit claimants

Website: wheresthebenefit.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wheresthebenefit

Twitter: @wheresbenefit


Wigan People Against Cuts

Location: UK » National/non-regional

People Against Cuts is a Wigan Borough based community campaign launched at a public rally on 31st July 2010 against the new Con-Dem Government’s attack on the public sector which will massively impact on jobs, services and the lives of ordinary people in the Wigan Borough.

It brings together local trade unionists, community activists and others passionate about protecting public services. It is non-sectarian and unaligned to any political party. It is united in opposing the Government’s proposed cuts and in recognising the need for ordinary people to fight back.

We aim to raise awareness of the true devastation the cuts will have on society and services in our area. The impact will be worse than in the 1980s and will be closer to the great depression of the 1930s as the welfare state is dismantled around us.

We want to involve all local people in fighting the cuts – only by building a mass movement against them – will we be able to prevent them going ahead.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=141417645880215


Wolverhampton Defend Services

Location: UK » West Midlands » WV

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council has established a local campaign group amongst the local trade unions, the Wolverhampton Public Services Union Alliance. We are keen to involves local people and tenants and campaign groups.

Website: wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=53&Itemid=72


Women Against the Cuts

Location: UK » National/non-regional

Women who work together to fight back against the cuts in our community groups, in our unions, in our work places, in our stays and plays, everywhere we gather – and in this campaign.

Website: womenagainstthecuts.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-Against-the-Cuts/138254369560013

Email: womenagainstthecuts@gmail.com


Worcester Against The Cuts

Location: UK » West Midlands » WR

Worcester Against the Cuts are a non-party political umbrella group that are joining together to fight the cuts to jobs and public services.

Website: http://www.worcesteragainstthecuts.org.uk


Worthing Solidarity Network

Location: UK » South East » BN

Worthing Solidarity Network is an informal network of organisations and individuals supporting action to defend jobs and public services. It exists to support all workers taking action to defend and improve their living standards. We will hold regular meetings to discuss and share information on trade union and local workplace issues, community campaigns and so on. We are following the successful example of similar groups set up in Brighton and elsewhere and we aim to create a forum for local workers and trade unionists to seek support and help.

Website: http://www.worthingsolidaritynetwork.blogspot.com/

Email: worthingsolidarity@yahoo.co.uk


York Stop The Cuts

Location: UK » North East » YO

York Stop the Cuts – Right to Work Campaign is York’s biggest group established to directly challenge the “Cuts Agenda”. We draw together workers from every sector, users of many different public services and a range of political persuasions. As a new group, we continue to develop our messages as the cuts are announced and new people join in.

We organise through fortnightly planning meetings that are open for everyone to attend – they’re a chance to get a feel for the group and meet people as well as a fast-flowing discussion of what the group is, could and should be doing.

We are a part of the national “Right to Work” campaign and are affiliating with “Coalition of Resistance”, placing us right at the heart of the national movement to defend jobs and services. We organise transport for national demonstrations, publicise regional events and organise our own local protests. We also run information stalls and leafleting sessions on streets, outside workplaces, colleges and schools and at events across York.

Website: yorkstopthecuts.wordpress.com


Youth Fight for Jobs

Location: UK » National/non-regional

The campaign was launched in 2009 to take up the issue of youth unemployment and the lack of opportunities for young people to have a decent future. Over the last 2 years we have taken many initiatives such as marching to the G20 in London, demonstrating through Barking against unemployment and the racist BNP. With 1 million youth unemployed and huge cuts planned, we are re-enacting the Jarrow march on its 75 anniversary.

Website: http://www.youthfightforjobs.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=50417329178

Twitter: @yffj

Email: youthfightforjobs@gmail.com

Telephone: 020 8558 7947


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