Tory Family Values..Part 2.

Tonight it has emerged, once again, that the Tory party are unable to practice what they preach. I am not surprised at all.

Lord Strathclyde has been exposed as having a 7 year on-off affair with single mother, Birgit Cunningham. Lord Strathclyde is a married man, a father of 3 children.

While David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith were ranting about single parents, family breakdown and fatherless children being the cause of the downfall of society, Lord Strathclyde was cheating on his wife with another woman, who happens to be a single mother. Remember, single mothers are considered to be a huge drain on society, yet this Tory peer was having a secret affair with one.

I do not solely blame either of them, it takes two to tango as they say, but surely this destroys any credibility the Tory party have when they preach about family. It also destroys their hate campaign of single mothers when one of their own is secretly partaking in extra marital activities with one, doesn’t it?

The Tory idea of family is marriage, that’s it. No wiggle room for cohabiting, it’s marriage or nothing. Single parenthood is the ultimate Tory sin and is punished by years of endless victimisation and needless, unjustified punishment. I wonder how David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith are going to work this dilema out

 His children are going to be devestated. It is hard enough when such things are exposed in private. this story is all over the internet before the newspaper has even been delivered to the shops! His wife is going to be going through hell right at this moment in time. Perhaps if the Tory Party truely believe in their policies and ideology then, instead of sending their members to workshops for “difficult conversations” they should have sent them to classes for fidelity. That would have worked out much better for them and their credibility.

Tonight, every single mother aound the country who has seen the story will be jumping for joy. Not because a family has been destroyed, far from it, most of us know that pain ourselves, but because this whole mess proves that what you have all been told for years is a lie. Being a single parent is not a lifestyle choice, if most of us could have the perfect life we would be married with kids, in a stable, healthy relationship. Lord Strathclyde has destroyed his marriage, his wife was guilty of nothing. Unless she forgives him and stands by him (not quite sure how she can), then she is to be a single mother too. She will face the same scrutiny I do, the same harsh reality and ignorance from other people. Her children will be children from a ‘broken home’, regardless of the amount of contact they might have with their father. She is about to be dropped into the same boat as all single mothers. If you believe the ‘research’ quoted at us regularly, Lord Strathclyde just slashed his childrens’ chances of succeeding in life dramatically. I don’t believe that’s true, my kids do brilliantly because me and my ex partner live seperately.


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  1. Most tory wives stand by their men. They need a decent education.

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