The Tories and Women

If you are as old as me, or older you will hopefully remember what it was like for women under the last Tory government. I lived my whole childhood under a Conservative government, even as a child I couldn’t help but notice how women were discriminated against. My mother was lucky to be married, it would have been a different story if she had been unmarried or single. Now, I am a single women, with children living under a Conservative government (let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is a real coalition folks!)

I will first give you a quick run down of the track record under Camerons leadership:

In 2006 Tory MEPs voted against a report about combating domestic violence against women. This included provisions to make rape within marriage a criminal offence, putting an end to female genital mutilation, and encouraging cross border cooperation on so-called “honour” crimes.

In 2009 Tory MEP’s abstained from a vote urging member states to improve policies to combat domestic violence against women. Which underlined recognising rape within a marriage as a criminal offence.

In 2008 Tory MEP’s failed to back EU adopted guidlines, as part of the EU’s Growth and Jobs Strategy, regarding flexible working and access to childcare.

In February 2010 voted against a report to investigate the gender pay gap. The European Parliament Tories explicitly disagreed with the call to establish paternity leave across Europe, and against linking paternity and maternity leave to ensure fathers are able to take time off as well.  The report also contained a provision on one of David Cameron’s priority policies, combating persistent sexist stereotyping and degrading images.  They voted against it.

In 2008 15 Tory MEP’s voted against any regulation of stereotypes in the media. Instead of agreeing to combat discriminatory sterotypes in adverts and the media, they voted against, despite knowing the effect such things have on children and teenagers body image and self esteem.

December 2010. Tory councillor,  James Williams, claimed that a domestic violence policy, which enables the police to remove anyone suspected of commiting domestic violence to remove that person from the home for up to 48hrs, is a “war on men”. Despite nothing in the policy indicating a preference or prejudice towards men or women. He has refused “to work for the Tory party untill the policy is reversed”. He claimed it was unfair to remove a man from his home without any evidence of an offence, and that it would have a negative effect on their children. I have to disagree. Domestic violence has an extremely negative effect on children, in many ways. To say that removing someone who is suspected of commiting an offence is going to harm the children is ridiculous. Silly man. The policy is designed to give greater protection for victims (male and female!). I am a survivor myself and I know that 48hrs of peace and safety would have been very welcome the day I called the police.

The recent spending cuts affect women the hardest. 40% of all female worker are employed by the public sector, many of them single parents. 75% of public sector worker are female. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that job losses will hit women hardest.

Women are almost always the recipients of child benefit and tax credits. When the government axed them for middle income families they axed the income of many women across the UK. Child benefit has been frozen, tax credits have been manipulated so that less is paid in reality.

60% of housing benefit is paid to women, this is being capped and cut.

And then we have the marriage tax breaks. The wonderful Tory beacon of “family values”. This discriminates against unmarried couples, single people (male and female). Mr Cameron said:  “if you take responsibility you will be rewarded, if you don’t you won’t”.

Hmm that’s very interesting. I wonder what their definition of responsible is. I invite any Tory to correct me if I have got it horribly wrong, but being single, and female, am I not responsible? Fleeing domestic violence and divorcing a violent abusive bully, is that not responsible? Would you agree that being a single parent, working a full time job while being the sole carer of children is being responsible? If I am right then why are those people punished? I would be very interested to know the answer, don’t be shy, if you’re a Tory and you know the answer write it at the end of this blog. Nicely though please, I don’t respond well to insults 🙂

Click the link to see how much you stand to lose:

TUC Calculator


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