School Sports Cuts

This is the first cut that upset my 12year old, purely because it affects her on a personal level. She loves sports and when she found out that Mr Gove wanted to cut all the funding her school receives for sports, she was devestated. At her school they handed round a petition, explaining that pupils would only be able to have one PE lesson every two weeks if they cut the funding. She signed, I signed, everyone I know signed.

In October Mr Gove announced that he was going to stop the £162 million that funds a national PE scheme called School Sports Partnership (SSP), instead he wanted headteachers to use their school budget on PE. He also wanted to introduce a “schools olympics”. He seems to have an obssession with competitive sport. It is yet again regressive because if schools could afford to use their own budget for school sports then they wouldn’t have needed the grant in the first place. Pretty obvious really.

In December he made a partial U-Turn, following a public outcry at his plans. It was perceived as a huge victory. Sadly it is not what it appears to be.

While it is true that he is keeping key aspects of the School Sport Partnerships, he has not fully backed down. Some of the 675 staff currently employed by the scheme will still lose their jobs. He is still dismantling parts of the scheme. Instead of the £162 million, they will be cutting it to a substantially lesser amount. They are still pressing ahead with their “schools olympics” idea. The partial U-Turn only lasts untill after the olympics in 2012. I very much doubt that they will fund anything towards school sports after that. He got his way, even if it is at a slower pace than he originaly wanted,

It is a very sad day when a man who has never experienced real hardship decides that children from state schools do not deserve the opportunity to adequate PE lessons. It is a crying shame that my daughter, and so many like her are ultimately going to be denied access to more than one PE lesson a fortnight.

What saddens me the most is that this government is punishing our children. What has my 12 year old daughter ever done to deserve something like this? It’s one thing to portray me as something truely vile and to turn the public against me, it is a completely different ball game when the government are trying to persuade the public that my children do not deserve opportunity. My children should have a better life than I did, they are going to have a worse one it seems. 
For this government it’s all about the money. If they can save money they will, regardless of the repercussions. These children are the future of this country, they should be pumping money into their education, not withdrawing it!


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