EMA – Abolishment Of

I have included a link that explains exactly what EMA is and who benefits from it.


In short it is a payment of up to £30 a week, paid to college students to help with the costs of books, travel, and in some cases, living expenses. It has been a vital lifeline to so many students who, without it, would not be at college today. I personally know people who live alone, and rely on EMA just to get by. Without it they would be unable to study at all.

The government is abolishing it. You can no longer apply for it. The cut off date was 31st October according to the DirectGov site.

As the head of a family on a low income, EMA would have helped my oldest child go to college. She will be applying for college in 4 years. I will hopefully be in full time employment by then, but I will still be classed as on a low income. I went to college, my parents really struggled to buy my books and all the equipment required to study. They both worked but it was still difficult. Now the government are scrapping any support my daughter could have had to fulfil her potential at college, all in the name of saving their precious pennies.

My daughter, upon hearing about all of this on the TV, asked me what EMA is. After a short discussion she turned to me and said “mum, will we be able to afford to send me to college?”. I bit my lip and told her that we will find the money somehow. It broke my heart because deep down, I honestly don’t know if we will be able to afford it. 14 years ago it cost £15 for my psychology textbook, I wonder how much it will cost now, or in 4 years time. It almost broke me buying my daughters equipment for high school, and her uniform (£200, not including her shoes which my mum bought). How am I going to afford what she needs to study at college? Still, I am keeping my fingers crossed that a miracle occurs.

So many children who are from low income households are now going to be denied the chance of higher education, yet again an attack on the children of this country, by a government who are unwilling to invest in the future, our children. My children are no less deserving of an education than the children of the government ministers. We should ALL be judged on our abilities, our potential, rather than our financial status.


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